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Category: Server administration

Suggested name: BanGui+

What I want:
I know there are some punish gui scripts out there but they arent what i want.
When you open the gui, there should be 9 customizable ban reasons it will be an 5x9 slot chest gui and in the middle the ban reasons.
When you click on one you get another gui in that gui you can select the ban length it will be an 1x9 chest gui
There should be 3 options of that are fully customizable. When you click one of these option is will ban the player for x reason and x length.
I use AdvancedBans as ban system, there should be an back button in an minor gui and cancel button on the main gui

Sorry for my bad english!

Ideas for commands:
/ban <Player> (Opens ban gui)

Ideas for permissions:
KiipCore.Rank.Helper (Main permission)

When I'd like it by: 2 weeks
Try my own skript SuperBans on spigot
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Before anyone else would like to report KroterPvP's post, there is nothing wrong with it. He's simply giving Bastiaan an alternative.