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Player Locations GUI

Discussion in 'Requests' started by SparrowPlayzSkript, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. SparrowPlayzSkript

    Aug 18, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Category: Skript

    Suggested name: Player Locations GUI

    What I want:
    Ok so I need this for my Server, so a player types /cploc and it opens a menu with 6 rows, and when you type /cploc create it will put their head in the menu with the name of their "Warp", the description, and the coords.
    Also a limit of how many a player could create with permissions and pages would be nice.

    Ideas for commands:
    /cploc - Main Command
    /cploc create [name] - Creates a Head in the menu
    /cploc desc [name] [description] - Sets a description for their "Warp"
    /cploc delete - Deletes a head from the menu

    Admin Commands:
    /cploc admin remove [name] - Removes a head forcefully.

    Ideas for permissions:
    cploc.admin - All permissions
    cploc.default - Basic Permissions
    cploc.bypass - Have unlimited heads

    When I'd like it by: 9/22/17


    Also, I'm not entirely sure if all of this is actually possible in Skript, if it's not just try to make something close to it. Thanks! [Im a noob lol]
  2. ShaneBee

    Supporter + Addon Developer

    Sep 7, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I got bored. and i have time. so i did it. I hope you are NOT noob to change/add colors/text... :emoji_grinning:

    Code (Skript):
    1. command /cploc [<text=1>] [<text>] [<text>]:
    2.     permission: default
    3.     trigger:
    4.         if arg-1 is "create":
    5.             if arg-2 is set:
    6.                 if player don't have permission "bypass":
    7.                     if size of {CPLOC::PLY::%player%::*} is more than or equal to 3:    #If player got already 3 Warps set. will cancelt.
    8.                         send "&cYou got already maxed CPL!"
    9.                         stop
    10.                 if {CPLOC::GUI::%arg-2%} is set:    #If a name exists.
    11.                     send "&cSorry, this name already exsits, use another name."
    12.                 else:
    13.                     set {CPLOC::GUI::%arg-2%} to location of player
    14.                     set {CPLOC::CRE::%arg-2%} to player
    15.                     set {CPLOC::PLY::%player%::%arg-2%} to true
    16.                     send "&aSucessfull create warp. Please short desc? ""/cploc desc %arg-2% <text>""."
    17.             else:
    18.                 send "&cName missing, enter a name."
    19.         else if arg-1 is "desc":
    20.             if arg-2 is set:
    21.                 if arg-3 is set:
    22.                     if {CPLOC::PLY::%player%::%arg-2%} is set:
    23.                         set {CPLOC::DES::%arg-2%} to "%arg-3%"
    24.                         send "Sucessfull. Desc created"
    25.                     else:
    26.                         send "Youre may not the owner, or wrong names?"
    27.                 else:
    28.                     send "&cEmpty Desc"
    29.             else:
    30.                 send "&cEmpty Name"
    31.         else if arg-1 is "delete":
    32.             if arg-2 is set:
    33.                 if {CPLOC::PLY::%player%::%arg-2%} is set:
    34.                     delete {CPLOC::GUI::%arg-2%}
    35.                     delete {CPLOC::CRE::%arg-2%}
    36.                     delete {CPLOC::DES::%arg-2%}
    37.                     delete {CPLOC::PLY::%player%::%arg-2%}
    38.                     send "Sucessfull deleted."
    39.                 else:
    40.                     send "Youre may not the owner or wrong name?"
    41.             else:
    42.                 send "Empty Name"
    43.         else if arg-1 is "admin":
    44.             if player has permission "admin":
    45.                 if arg-2 is "remove":
    46.                     if arg-3 is set:
    47.                         if {CPLOC::GUI::%arg-3%} is set:
    48.                             delete {CPLOC::PLY::%{CPLOC::CRE::%arg-3%}%::%arg-3%}
    49.                             delete {CPLOC::GUI::%arg-3%}
    50.                             delete {CPLOC::CRE::%arg-3%}
    51.                             delete {CPLOC::DES::%arg-3%}
    52.                             send "%arg-3% sucessfull deleted!"
    53.                         else:
    54.                             send "This name doesn't exists"
    55.                     else:
    56.                         send "Empty name?"
    57.                 else:
    58.                     send "Only exists admin commands: Remove"
    59.             else:
    60.                 send "You don't have permission"
    61.         else:
    62.             set {_i} to arg-1 parsed as integer
    63.             if {_i} is set:
    64.                 set {_p} to 1
    65.                 set {_s} to 0
    66.                 loop {CPLOC::GUI::*}:
    67.                     set {_Name::%{_p}%::%{_s}%} to "%loop-index%"
    68.                     set {_Cre::%{_p}%::%{_s}%} to "%{CPLOC::CRE::%loop-index%}%"
    69.                     if {CPLOC::DES::%loop-index%} is set:
    70.                         set {_Des::%{_p}%::%{_s}%} to "%{CPLOC::DES::%loop-index%}%"
    71.                     else:
    72.                         set {_Des::%{_p}%::%{_s}%} to ""
    73.                     add 1 to {_s}
    74.                     if {_s} is 53:
    75.                         set {_s} to 0
    76.                         add 1 to {_p}
    78.                 if {_Name::%{_i}%::*} is not set:
    79.                     send "&cThis page doesn't exists!"
    80.                     stop              
    82.                 open chest with 6 rows named "&6CPLOC GUI" to player
    83.                 set {_s} to 0
    84.                 loop {_Name::%{_i}%::*}:
    85.                     set slot {_s} of player's current inventory to stone named "%loop-value%" with lore "&rCreator: %{_Cre::%{_i}%::%loop-index%}%||&r%{_Des::%{_i}%::%loop-index%}%"
    86.                     add 1 to {_s}
    87.                     if {_s} is 53:
    88.                         add 1 to {_i}
    89.                         if {_Name::%{_i}%::*} is set:
    90.                             set slot 53 of player's current inventory to book named "Next Page!" with lore "%{_i}%"
    91.                         stop loop
    93. on inventory click:
    94.     if name of player's current inventory is "&6CPLOC GUI":
    95.         cancel event
    96.         if clicked item is not air:
    97.             if clicked item is not book:
    98.                 teleport player to {CPLOC::GUI::%name of clicked item%}
    99.                 send "You teleported to %name of clicked item%"
    100.             else:
    101.                 make player execute command "/cploc %uncolored lore of clicked item%"            

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