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  1. FusionCore

    /promote <player> [<arg 2>]

    command /promote [<player>] [<arg 2>]: permission: op trigger: player is set: arg 1 is set: arg 2 is set: if arg 2 is "default": if {default::*} contains %arg 1%'s uuid: send "&b%arg 1% already has this rank!" to player if...
  2. Slaim36

    Script SuperChats 1.1.0

    What's SuperChats SuperChats is a script that allows you to manage three chat groups (Admins, Staffs & VIPs). Commands and permissions: Command: /adminchat Description: Chat between Administrators Permission: superchats.staffchat Command: /staffchat Description: Chat between Staffs...
  3. wattywatty14

    Chat Filter Request

    Category: Chat/Utility Suggested name: ChatFilter Spigot/Skript Version: Skript 2.3.7 - Spigot 1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT What I want: A simple chat filter that blocks players' messages when the skript detects a bad word. Let's say "love" is a bad word for example- if I say "love," then it won't...
  4. couger44

    Solved Skript don't know "player's prefix".

    Its simple. The expression Player's Prefix does not recognize me. part of code: on chat: cancel event if player's world is "Lobby": if player has permission "": broadcast "%coloured player' prefix%%player%: &9%coloured message%" stop...
  5. T

    Solved Help with chat

    Hey skripters, I wanna know how I add something to the thing when a player chats. So like I dont wanna cancel the chat event and customize the message but I wanna get the message that you would get always but add something in front of this. I wanna do this because I am using a plugin that adds...
  6. TPGamesNL

    Possible bug when using play_server_chat packet with message effect

    Skript Version: 2.2-dev36 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: Spigot 1.12.2 --- Full Code: on packet event play_server_chat: set {_t} to "chatcomponent" pjson 0 of event-packet send "&ct: %{_t}%" to console command /test: trigger: message "test" Errors on Reload: None...
  7. Barbarx

    Script NameinChat 1.0

    When someone will send your name in chat you will have it colored and it will announce you with sound. Sender: Receiver: Skript Skellett
  8. HiverHD

    Script ✖ UltimateChatBot ✖ 1.8-1.12 ✖ BEST ✖ 3.1.0

    ✖ UltimateChatBot ✖ Ever wanted a chatbot for your server? A chatbot, which answers any question by players without needing to have team members online? Well, this is a great resource, if you ever wanted something great like this. Because UltimateChatBot supports two languages yet, questions can...
  9. ShaneBee

    Script Alright ChatControl 1.0

    Alright ChatControl *IMPORTANT - Please see all dependencies below for proper installation* An alright system, to allow players to change the color/format of their chat. With the use of a GUI a player can select the color/format they would like to set for their chat. This color/format will...
  10. P

    Solved check message in chat

    How to check if message contains a text like "abcABC678" but considering large letters {konkursik::kod} = "aKeQ6O7" if message contains "%{konkursik::kod}%":
  11. L

    Get only numbers of send message on chat

    someone could help me? i try get the only numbers of message sended on the chat for set in a variable help me pls i try put if only message is a integer but not works i tip a integer and he tells me that put a integer number but i put a integer number on chat: if...
  12. F

    Script [1.11 - 1.14.4] ★ ChatCore ★ [► ALL IN ONE CHAT MANAGEMENT PLUGIN ◄] 3.2.0

    An alternative to Chat Control in Skript with more features coming RE-BRANDED BACK TO FROSTCHAT! FrostChat formerly known as ChatCore is a fully more stable upgraded and better maintained fork of ChatCore. Soon as ChatCore was my first Skript I did not have much experience with coding /...
  13. S

    Script ◄StaffChat - Secret chat for server staff► 1.0

    Are you annoyed from out-game chats or /msg's? No problem! Staffchat can make staff communications visible only for players with permission! It's simply secret chat for server staff. /staffchat help - Help command /staffchat about - About plugin /staffchat reload - Reloads plugin /schat -...
  14. P

    Solved Chat replace

    on chat: player's message contains "hi": replace "hi" to "hello" How can I do this?
  15. S

    Message Change Skript

    So, essentially, I want my messages to be someone akin to this: "SandyVerse &8» %message%" But, when using this as a rough outline options: P: &6&lUHC &8 » on chat: set message to "{Player} &8» %message%" I get "SandyVerse: {Player} &8» (insert message). Any help?
  16. glowgrew

    Solved ColorRandomizer

    Category: ChatDesign Suggested name: ColorRandomizer What I want: I would like a chat script, which making chat more colourful and simple. On every message it randomize the main color. It can be a function. Ideas for commands: - Ideas for permissions: - When I'd like it by: - @BrettPlayMC...
  17. S

    How do I make clickable text?

    As in, say I run /team invite <player> and they receive the message "<player> invited you to their team! Type /team accept <player> or click here to accept" How would I make the "click here" text run a command?
  18. Adrihun

    Blocking "/<tab>" in skript

    Is there a way to block the feature in Minecraft where if you type in chat "/" and then press tab. I want to disable this because people can see my plugins/commands. Also, i tried a lot of anti tab plugins, and if i try to do something like "/message <tab (to see players name)> " nothing will...
  19. A

    How can i remove me from the chat tab complete?

    Hey, i have an question. Question: How can i remove my Ingame Name from the chat tab complete? - Thank you for every answer! :)
  20. A

    How can i disable tab names in chat?

    Hey, i have an question: How can i disable, that player's can Tab Name's in the chat - Thank you for every answer! c: