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  1. VictorXcraft

    Skript Message Sending Error

    The server kicks me out when I type any command, such as /hello Original: The problem is known as "Color Code", such as "&1" "&a" "&n" and etc. Because we made two test commands, shown below: Only the...
  2. 2

    Script Chat Control 1.0 Alpha 6

    Chat Control Chat Manager for Minecraft servers. Dependencies: Skript 2.6.4, skUtilities 0.9.2, vault and any permission plugins like luckperms How to use: Just add the script to your scripts folder then reload it or restart your server. Upon reloading the script it will create a folder...
  3. Andrie

    Script Simple Mutechat 1.0

    An simple mute chat skript. To mute the chat you can type "/mutechat", the permission to bypass / mutechat is "server.mutechat"
  4. tycoo

    How to replace specific color codes in message?

    When I use "&5" in my chat message, it basicaly doing nothing with it. I can replace only "&" with "", but there will be "5" in the message. on chat: cancel event set {_msg} to message replace all "&5" with "" in {_msg} send {_msg} to all players
  5. L

    Chat issue

    So, I'm using hex colors for LuckPerms, working for all things like TAB, but on chat with the skript it just turns into random colors on chat: cancel event send "%player's prefix% &7%player% &8&l» &f%message%"
  6. 8pixels

    Hover Chat

    Is it possible to make a player's whole message (including prefix and name ofc) hoverable without changing the chat format? I just started using skript so help with the code if possible please :I
  7. Gabrriel Nicolas

    Solved Chat commands with skript

    I wanted to make a spoofing system without the need for commands by just typing in the chat, as if it were a conversation between an npc and the player, for example: (command /toggle) NPC: Well let's start with your name, write it down in the chat " * the player writes a word in the chat * NPC...
  8. A

    Script Emojis 1.1

    This script adds emojis to chat. For example: after you write :happy: it will change to happy emoji . It adds nothing more for now and there's not a lot of them, but still, emojis should be in minecraft (in my opinion) and this is a great start. ATTENTION: To use it you must have a resource...
  9. bajinzin

    help to finish setting up

    I'm trying to get the person to /cr <radius> so that he can change the range of his chat, but since I changed what appears in /cr by skript, when someone from /cr <local> or /cr <global > he tells the person to type /cr, is there a way for me to cancel this and put it so that the command can be...
  10. bajinzin

    Solved Help item to chat #------------------ # ChatItem # - Version 1.7.1 # - Created by D4isDAVID #------------------ # Dependencies: # - Minecraft 1.9+ # - Skript 2.5.3+ # - SkBee 1.10.1+ #------------------ # Config options: # itemName - how the item name will...
  11. dmc

    Solved logs of chat saving to yaml file

    Hello, I need to write messages with sender to yaml file. That's what I have right now: on chat: load yaml "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" as "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" wf "%now% < %player% > %message%" to "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" save yaml "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" (but it isnt working) bump...
  12. M

    Chat for Teams

    hello i want a Teamchat like Bedwars (if u write only guys in ur Team can see it) (if u write with @a evryone can see it) but i dont know how ^^ i hope u guys can help me My team names are: elias and niclas
  13. M

    Linking chats

    Hello, i want to link chats across one of my other server
  14. FrostPVP™️

    I need a skript

    I need a color chat skript for like &7 &8 &6 those type of color for chat and not /color (color) text cause those are dumb Thank You <3
  15. S

    Solved This is a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

    on join: set {chat::spigotcolors::*} to "&1", "&2", "&3", "&4", "&5", "&6", "&7", "&8", "&9", "&a", "&b", "&c", "&d", "&e" and "&f" set {chat::colors::*} to "<dark blue>", "<dark aqua>", "<dark red>", "<dark purple>", "<gold>", "<gray>", "<dark gray>", "<light blue>", "<dark green>"...
  16. KingDooms

    Seeing other team's chat

    Category: Chat Suggested name: ITC(ImpossibleTeamChat) Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5 What I want: I want a way to see the chat from another team. Ideas for commands: /itc [TargetTeam] [TeamThatCanSeeIt] Ideas for permissions: itc.command When I'd like it by: 7 days
  17. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem 1.9.1

    ChatItem is a script that allows you to display your items in the chat. Just type [hand] or any other keyword in the chat and your items will be displayed. This was originally a port of ItemToChat. Features Customizable Supports multiple keywords Works with any chat format Supports multiple...
  18. X

    Help! (Staff Chat)

    Skript Version: 2.4.1 (I assume I don't know how to check, it says latest stable release) Skript Author: Likewise, I don't know. How do I check??? Minecraft Version: 1.16.1 Code: on chat: if player has permission "": if first character of message is "#": set...
  19. D

    Solved How to delete a chat message

    So I want to delete the chat message the person says, how do i do that. on chat: if {willbuybitcoin::*} contains player: if message is a number: add message to {hourlyamount.%player%} set {_bitcoinswillbuy} to message if {_bitcoinswillbuy} <= 10...
  20. T

    Take information from chat

    Is there a way to take something from when someone types in chat, cancel event, and set it to a variable?