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  1. A

    How can i disable tab names in chat?

    Hey, i have an question: How can i disable, that player's can Tab Name's in the chat - Thank you for every answer! c:
  2. Kamino_Ramos

    Chat placeholders, possible?

    I want to create my own clan system, and everything seems pretty clear but one thing, clan tags in chat. Idea is, similar to SimpleClans, leader of clan can choose clan tag, maximum of 3 symbols (color codes not in count), and this tag will be displayed near nickname of clam members, and if...
  3. A

    Solved Chat JSON?

    Category: Chat Suggested name: Anything really I'm just interested in the function. What I want: So I've seen on other servers where when player's chat you can hover over their name tags/name to see some information on the player and I'd like to add this to my server. On my server all staff...
  4. Brendo99

    Script SkShout 0.1

    SkShout by Brendo99 Welcome to the easiest Shout plugin you will find. Simply type a " ! " in your message and it will display your message in a noticeable box and "Level Up" sound effect will play. There is currently a 3 minute cooldown on all shouts, If a player tries to shout an error...
  5. Snow-Pyon

    Script Nick/Skin changer 1.7

    Description Hey there, today, I did a chat/tablist/above head nick and skin changer script, hope you'll like it. Features Skin changing Configureable Nametag changing Configureable chat display name changing Configureable tablist name changing Skin/Nick changing on join Per-color permission on...
  6. P

    Script ChatChannel 1.4.1

    Hey everyone, Chat Channel V1.4.1 Description: It allows you to switch between 4 channels that are free to join. or 2 channels that are locked with a password by the creater of the channel. everybody is allowed to make a private channel. When you go offline the channel you created will be...