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Script [1.11 - 1.14.4] ★ ChatCore ★ [► ALL IN ONE CHAT MANAGEMENT PLUGIN ◄] 3.2.0

ChatCore Is a feature heavy ChatControl like Skript that is being constantly updated

  1. FrostedWeFall
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14
    An alternative to Chat Control in Skript with more features coming


    FrostChat formerly known as ChatCore is a fully more stable upgraded and better maintained fork of ChatCore. Soon as ChatCore was my first Skript I did not have much experience with coding / Skripting and because of that the code was very messy, untidy and was not maintained very well.

    My aim with FrostChat 3.0 is to maintain this better and have more features to make it replicate ChatControl and possibly be one of the best Chat Core / Control Skript / plugins on Spigot.



        • Powerful Advertisement Blocker. - Since ChatCore 2 there has been a powerful Advertisment blocker made custom by FrostedWeFall that blocks all the main advertisment methods as well as domain names such as ".com" and ".gg" as well as ".net" and some unknown ones that people may use to try and bypass such as ".ly" and ".eu" In ChatCore 3 we have a new version of our Anti Advertisment blocker that is currently still in the testing and will be enableable in the Skript soon.
        • Multiple different levels of Curse protection - You can now edit all the swears / curses that will be blocked by the Skript in the all new "configuration file / section" at the top of the Skript. You can even add custom domains that you wish to block using the Anti Advertise config section as well.
        • In Depth Configuration - One of my aims with ChatCore 3 was to have a better "configuration file" / section at the beginning of the skript to try and make the Skript as customizable as possible whilst doing what it is supposed to ( keep chat clean )
        • Quality Anti Bot Protection ( 2.0 For Now / Coming in 3.0 Soon ) - Our Quality Anti Bot Protection Module forces players to move before speaking when they join the server. If they do not move they will receive a message saying "You must move before speaking!"
        • No lagg + Extremely Lightweight - This Skript add 0 extra lag onto the server. ( This has been tested ) It has been tested to see if it would cause any extra lag or ping issues whilst its installed. My aim is to keep this Skript underneath 50kb in total size which so far has been successful. My aim was also to limit the amount of tick / second events in which could create more lag which has so far also been successful.
        • In depth Placeholder Skript Documentation - The placeholder documentation at the beginning of the Skript has in-depth information about what each Placeholder does and how to safely implement your own one without breaking the Skript.
        • Backwards compatible to 1.9 (Even if you own a normal spigot server, you may want to go back to 1.9 in the future because you want to install some modpack? No need to ditch the Skript or download a very old version... just use the latest ChatCore )
        • Frequent Updates - There are many updates so far and many more to come with many new features on the way and in ChatCore 3
        • Update Checker - The first of its kind using the "if text from" event. It checks to see if you need to download the latest version from Spigot when you join or when you execute the command "/updatechecker" or "/checkupdate"!

        • Swear Jar - The Swear Jar or Curse Jar is a new feature that I have recently thought about whilst editing the description of this Skript which allows server owners to customize what happens when a player swears / curses. This will be editable in the Skript config from anything to Killing the player all the way to Removing a certain amount of money from the player or even warning the player. Predicted Version Release - N/A
        • More Powerful Anti Advertisement Module - My aim in the near future is to create a better and more powerful module which completely outshines the competition for any other Anti Advertisement module. Predicted Version Release - N/A

    • Skript [ 2.2 or Later ]
    • SkQuery / SkQuery-Lime
    • SkRayFall
    • Essentials

    If there is an addon that is required but not on this list be sure to open up a github issue @ https://github.com/TheRealFrostedWeFall/ChatCore3/issues


    Here are all the permissions for the FrostChat Skript

        • frostchat.bypass - Lets you bypass all Advertisement and Swearing blocks
        • frostchat.chatcore - Lets you do the main /FrostChat3 and /Fchat commands
        • frostchat.player - The default permission to let players do all player related commands like /ping
        • frostchat.admin - The default permissions to let administrators do all admin related commands like /cc disable etc
        • frostchat.moderator - The default command to give players ability to see messages when someone curses or advertises.

    By downloading this Skript you agree not to take this Skript and claim it as your own however you may take segments / modules of this and credit me in your description / info page! Thank you for downloading. Be sure to leave a 5 star review down in the comments!


    1. Signs.png
    2. Pictures.png
    3. Setup.png

Recent Updates

  1. 3.2.0
  2. 3.1.0
  3. 3.0.0

Recent Reviews

  1. Kev_
    Version: 3.0.0
    Very Very Nice!

    I Love it :) :^)

    Keep it up! :)
  2. soulfull
    Version: 2.2.0
    Nice skript!!!

    50 characters.....................
    1. FrostedWeFall
      Author's Response
      Thank you <3