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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
Hey everyone,

Chat Channel V1.4.1

It allows you to switch between 4 channels that are free to join. or 2 channels that are locked with a password by the creater of the channel.

everybody is allowed to make a private channel.
When you go offline the channel you created will be automaticly be deleted.


channel.staff --> give this permission to your staff members so the can kick / mute players. let you be able to see all channels
channel.ban --> this prevents a player from making a private channel
channel.delete --> this gives the staff member the ability to delete a private channel that is not his/hers
channel.nopassword --> this give the staff member the ability to join a private channel without the password

An OP wil automatically have all the permissions till they are de-Opped.


  • Able to see which player is in wich channel using Tab (done)
  • add as many normal/private channels as you want (done )
set the amount of normal/prived chats:
set the amount of chats that you want under the Options part. changing this you must reload the script. after that you have more/less channels!

when you want to use this version, you must have SkRayFall. the download link below:

When you dont want to use SkRayFall just take Serverchat V1.2.1 this don't have the tablist feature

ChatChannel V1.2.3

  • I add the possibility to ban specific names for private channels
  • /ch names ban: for banning the name
  • /ch names unban: to unban a name

  • Bugg Fix when creating a private channel
ChatChannel V1.3

  • add a abusive words filter. you can add words you think are abusive to the list.
  • You can see how many times people used abusive words (look the command section above)

Servers that uses This script:
Do you like this script? pleare rate it and give your ServerIP.

Do you have any ideas to make this script better? PM me and i will look at it.
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