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- Made it so Skellett now reconnects to SkellettProxy if the bungeecord restarts.
- Fixed the empty scripts folder not allowing globalscripts (As said in my video tutorial)
- Fixed some minor bugs

This SkellettProxy version needs version 1.8.8+ of Skellett in order to run!
You can now share variables between servers on your bungeecord server.

Basically this allows you set a variable on the bungeecord and then on another server call that variable.

[the] [skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]] (global|network) [var[iable]] [(from|of)] %object%
This can only be set and grabbed at the moment.


set network variable {test} to "&6Hello world!"
set {_this} to network variable {test}

Simple and sweet.

There is also a backup system to save your variables so you don't have to worry about losing your data if something goes wrong. You can access the settings for this in the config of SkellettProxy on the bungeecord

There is also an option called AutomaticSharing. What this does is basically sets the physical variable on the spigot server side.

So if I run

set global variable {test} to "&6Hello world"
On other servers, all I would have to do is;
broadcast "%{test}%"
In order to access the variable.

This project has taken me about a week or so to make. Hope you enjoy it. Was quite the trouble to make it aswell.

This SkellettProxy version needs Skellett 1.8.7+ to run if you're using SkellettProxy features!
Today I present to you Bungeecord side scripts!

You can place any of your scripts in the SkellettProxy/scripts folder on the bungeecord and SkellettProxy will load all these scripts in this folder across all of your bungeecord servers!

No more hastle of going into each server and updating each script manually. You can now edit everything from the SkellettProxy scripts folder! How cool is that!?

New settings: You can enable/disable GlobalScripts in the SkellettProxy config with the new setting. I will be adding more configurable options to this as it's got alot that can be done. There is also a new option that can enable/disable the console messaging for when a script is reloaded or created.


You must have the "events" option enabled in the SkellettProxy.yml found at plugins/Skellett/SkellettProxy.yml on your Spigot server.

Huge thanks to @WheezyGold7931 who came to me about this cool suggestion!
Thanks to @xXAndrew28Xx for helping me with scriptloader reflections.

This SkellettProxy version needs Skellett 1.8.5 in order to run
This update changes the whole server string for the max player, evaluate and whitelisted syntax.

Before the name of the server string in

set {_this} to max players of bungeecord server "This"

was being used from the server.properties. Now it properly uses the bungeecord name you state in the config.yml of Bungeecord.

You can no loop all bungeecord servers and those are the strings that these syntax now use. This was because of my server tracker. It was easier to use the server.properties than using the bungeecord name. Now I switched it over to the Bungeecord name as it was confusing alot of people.

I also added a list to get the whitelisted players of a server
[(the|all)] [of] [the] whitelisted players (for|of|on) (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) server %string%

Example script

on script load:
    set {_test} to max players of bungeecord server "Test2"
    broadcast "%{_test}%"
    set {_players::*} to whitelisted players of bungeecord server "Test2"
    broadcast "%{_players::*}%"

Please note this update needs Skellett 1.8.0a+ or this update won't work!

Enjoy :emoji_grinning:

Next update will be RedisBungee stuff
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- Online status of a server

- A few bugs

Please note this version needs the latest 1.7.9b Skellett version to run
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Yes it's true. For the first time in Skript history you will now be able to run ANY effect on another server connected to your bungeecord! This means cross variable sharing, Data transfering and so much more!


- Full control over all servers and Bungeecord (Mainly a feature for myself)
- Communication between all servers
- Probably alot of bugs. If you find any please report

- Some bugs

[on] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) player (disconnect|leave)

eval[uate] [skript] [code] %string% (on|from) [the] [bungee[ ][cord]] [server] %string%

Example script:
on script load:
    evaluate "set {testing} to ""&6&lYES""" on bungeecord server "Tests2"
    evaluate "broadcast ""&6&lWhat the actual ****!!!!!""" on bungeecord server "Tests2"
    broadcast "sent"
on bungee player leave:
    broadcast "%event-player%"

- I'm currently working on more bungeecord event plus event values for them. (This is litterally badness to code. Currently the events work but the event-values and data don't)
- I am planning on making bungeecord expressions aswell.
- If you find any bugs or small null pointers please notify me of it.
- Thank you for 100 downloads on SkUnity. It means alot <3
- Don't forget to leave a 5 star review as this is litterally madness right now :emoji_grinning:
- I have been working on this project for a week non stop. I have just been so hooked into making this a reality, well now it's finally a thing.
- The Bungee events are currently under beta testing. Feel free to try them if you please. You will need to setup a port and enable the Events node found in the SkellettProxy.yml all features from the events are in beta so just be cautious about that. They shouldn't be harmless to your server in any ways.

The string used for the server string in the Max players and Evaluate syntax is the name of the server from the server.properties. So if the name of a bungeecord connected server is Test2 is in the server.properties. That is what the string will be. If this is still confusing and you don't get how to make it work, feel free to contact me.

This version needs Skellett 1.7.8+ to run
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- New server tracker. This allows me to have full control over servers and Bungeecord. This opens a wide variety of stuff for me todo. Working on Bungeecord events next :emoji_grinning:
- Max players of server
[the] max[imum] [amount] [of] players for (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) server %string%

If you find any bugs please report them to me. I have tested and fixed bugs with this new server tracker for like 3 hours. To make sure no error happen. If you do however somehow find one please do tell me. Thanks

This SkellettProxy version needs Skellett 1.7.7e+ to run
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- Fixed a bug that crashed the bungeecord if you had an outdated version.
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