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  1. S

    looping all bungeecord players

    I am trying to give all players on my server x coins every 10 minutes of time they play. every 10 minutes: loop all bungeecord players: message "&6+1 Coin" to loop-player add 1 to network variable {network.coin.%loop-player%} The error i get is: Can't understand this loop...
  2. L

    Solved Does anyone knows how to install Skungee on Velocity?

    I installed skungee addon and set up configurations, but nothing is working correctly. First of all, command bar always giving me error, whatever i input in it. And also, network variables not save, giving a <none>, when I trying to message the variable. Is there any tutorials how to properly...
  3. Z

    Skungee not working on Velocity server

    Hi! I have Velocity paper server 1.17.1 I installed skungee addon and set up configurations and all.. And now I've faced a lot of problems. These 2 lines are working just fine: connect {_p} to server "survival" set {_players::*} to all proxied players So I can connect from "lobby" ->...
  4. dergrosehd

    Setup Skungee Database

    Hey, i would like to store the network variables in a MariaDB but I am not able to connect the database properly. In the console I only get the error "[Skungee] Failed to initialize type: MariaDB". I have also tried it with MySQL but the error also comes with the type MySQL.
  5. GDude_

    Solved Global variables problem.

    I need help with global variables because they don't work. I get no errors with the code but it still doesn't work. Skript Version: 2.5.3 I also have tried many other versions and more updated ones, even dev ones and they still don't work. Addons: Skungee, SkQuery, Ersatz, SkMorkaz, TuSKe, and...
  6. F3lipe

    Skungee - Script Rewrite

    Hey! I'm new here. I've got an script that's executing luckperms commands and playsound with title/subtitle I would like it to get executed on whole network. Could you please help me to rewrite it for skungee? :) I would be so happy, and thankful <3 changing it to bungee players didn't work...
  7. Flylix

    skungee event server

    What is the syntax for the event server? on server switch: if {Ownerofparty.%player%} is player: loop all players: if {party.%player%.list::*} contains loop-player: bungeecord connect loop-player to "%event-server%"
  8. S

    Skungee - Coinsystem

    Category: Skript Suggested name: Skungee Coinsystem Spigot/Skript Version: Skript 2.2/Spigot 1.8.8 What I want: I need a Skungee Coinsystem where you can add and remove coins. There are already a few, but some of them only work halfway (or I'm too stupid), or there are errors that I can't...
  9. J

    Skungee Network Variable <none>

    Hello, At the addon Skungee I have an Error: If I create a network variable and want to output it, then only the following <none> comes. My script: command /2: trigger: set network variable {q} to "Hallo" command /3: trigger: send "%{q}%" Thanks for Help Jan Treinzen
  10. E

    Skungee not working?

    command /talktome: trigger: show action bar with text "&a&lHello World!" to bungee player player Hey there. I just downloaded Skungee and configuered it all corectly (at least everything is filled out and there are no errors) i have it installed on my bungeecord and my 4 spigot...
  11. sluhtie

    Need help using Skungee network variables

    So I'm trying to make a playtime command using Skungee because I have a bungeecord network. So my Problem is that It gives me a error at my scheduler of ervery second. Maybe someone could help me. This is my Skript (proxy/plugins/Skungee/scripts): This is my Error: I'm getting the error on...
  12. M

    Solved Ping packet had no response

    I am trying to setup Skungee On My BungeeCord Network Everytime I startup it says Ping packet had no response I have check multiple times my setup I think I have it correct does anyone know y this happens
  13. C

    Skungee and Skelett ping packet no response

    Hi guys, I just set up a bungeenetwork. Everything was working fine until I needed SkUngee and Skelett in order to create global skripts for the server. I changed all skungee ports to the same port (8035). and changed the host option in the spigot servers to the bungee ip adres. But, i'm getting...
  14. Richard_Trol

    Solved Problems with Skungee

    So hello, Today I started with the addon Skungee. I installed it and tested it and it worked! But now after a while when I tried to use it again, it doesn't worked and I got this error in the console: I use MC 1.12.2 and Skript 2.2-dev27
  15. P

    SkUngee, Bungeecord Server is Offline

    Hello SkUnity Community * This is my first post* Unfortunately I have a problem with the SkUngee addon. I am going to make a sign system with this addon and would like the block behind the sign to turn green when the server is online and red when offline, but it doesn't want to work. I'm sure I...
  16. G

    redo a skungee.

    Hello, it would be cool for a developer to redefine Skungee because the lead developer becomes inactive.
  17. B

    Solved Skript in Bungeecord

    I have a Bungeecord Network, and I have some scripts linked with Skungee, but the variables are not linked. How can I use variables around the Network? For example: I have a script, and that uses a variable that is {nick.%player%}, and I want that variable to travel all around the...
  18. S

    SkUngee or?

    Hi forum So, i try to make a scoreboard when i can see players on the bungeecord servers. Example: Kitpvp: (20) players online. But i can't find out to make SkUngee work, is there an alternative? Or how do i set it up? Is SkUngee compatible with 1.8.8 Spigot? Best regards Simon
  19. KabanFriends

    Skungee's weird problem

    I'm making a lobby server of BungeeCord network to send it to my friend. My friend has everything about the main server (BungeeCord network and some servers connected to it), so I'm developing this lobby server thing in a local BungeeCord network and a local spigot server, and when I made it...
  20. Skaya

    Skungee help, Console Spam?

    Hi, if I try to connect my Hexacord with my 1.8 Server in combination with Skungee it spams in my Consol. On the Server and on the Proxy: 20:38:27 [INFO] §8[§cSkungee§8] §eConnected to server [SERVER1] with port 41575 20:38:27 [INFO] §8[§cSkungee§8] §eConnected to server [SERVER2] with port...