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  1. Skaya

    Get Server Name from Bungee Network 1.8

    Hi, how can i use the feature of skungee to get the server where the skript runs on. Thx Skaya
  2. T

    Skungee send player to another bungee server

    So, Im making my own server selector plugin with Skungee, and I have this: on inventory click: if event-item is iron pickaxe named "&d&lResidence": set {_h} to player's name skungee send players "%{_h}%" to bungeecord server "resky" And if somehow click on pickaxe it send all...
  3. B

    Bungeecord Skungee

    How can i do it that my coins skript works on every server so what i mean is when i upload my coins skript on the skungee script folder and i do on server 1 /coins then it says you have 1$ but when I do /coins on server 2 i have 5$ how can i do it that i have 1 ammount on every server pls help...
  4. B

    Solved Need help with Skungee

    I need help with skungee, how it works and what i must do that the scripts work, I really have no idea what I should do, please help
  5. LimeGlass

    Addon ServerInstances 2.0.2

    ServerInstances is a premium Skript addon that extends Skungee's API to create cloud network based servers. It has syntax which gets injected into Skungee on startup and those syntax can then be utilized to create and manage a cloud based network, all configurations and data folders are...
  6. LimeGlass

    Addon Skungee - The proxy addon for Skript 2.0.0-BETA-5

    Artwork provided by LuisaDraws ( Skungee is a proxy Skript addon that gives you full control over the entire proxy, it's that simple. Report your bugs here: 2.0.0: Interested in...