Skungee's weird problem

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Nov 10, 2018
I'm making a lobby server of BungeeCord network to send it to my friend.
My friend has everything about the main server (BungeeCord network and some servers connected to it), so I'm developing this lobby server thing in a local BungeeCord network and a local spigot server, and when I made it working, I'll send the server data to my friend.

I want to do something with Skungee but it doesn't work properly...

First, when one spigot server which is connected to the BungeeCord network starts, it spams "Connected" message in the BungeeCord's console at same time. (They are completely same messages, I have only one server connected) - SCREENSHOT BELOW:


Some people say this is normal but is it really the right behavior?

And I have second problem. This problem is the biggest one...
[BungeeCord -> Server] connection works (like transferring Global Scripts to connected servers)
[Server -> BungeeCord] connection does not work at all... (like sending bungee player message)
The script has no error and both BungeeCord and the spigot server starts with no error. But all Skungee things does completely NOTHING on that spigot server.

I said I'm using localhost for Bungee and spigot server. Does it matter? (Well, I can do port forwarding when my parents allowed but my internet is trash; only 4MB per second, so minecraft servers would be almost unplayable for other people)

Do you know why this is happening? or is there any other people having same issue?

Skript (2.3.6, latest) -> Tested with 2.2-dev37c too but it did not fix the problem.
Skungee (1.0.9a, latest) -> Tested with some older versions, but it did not fix the problem.
Spigot Server: CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-2086bb0-2f3ed3b (MC: 1.12.2) (Implementing API version 1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT), the latest spigot version of 1.12.2. Built by myself

BungeeCord: BungeeCord version git:BungeeCord-Bootstrap:1.13-SNAPSHOT:caeabb5:1398, the latest version available. I was using older version before but the same problem was happening.

Port setting in BungeeCord:
# Make sure all the port options of the Skungee's on the connected Spigot servers are matching this.
port: 1337

Port setting in spigot server:
# The details of the Skungee Bungeecord plugin. Place the same login credentials as the Bungeecord Skungee here.
host: ""
port: 1337


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Use Skungee 1.0.9. The 1.0.9a is a Github only release in which it added an API, and contains a bug where the object of packets wouldn't return, a big problem that is fixed in 1.1.0.

I will remove that jar download so future issues with others don't happen.
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