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  1. LimeGlass

    The Lime Tree | LimeGlass's Addon shop

    Raw spreadsheet if image isn't working: Coding Skills: Attending Computer Software Engineering Education Kotlin Groovy Java JavaScript BASH HTML/CSS Lua Skript Python Github...
  2. LimeGlass

    ScoreboardTags 1.0.0

    ScoreboardTags - By LimeGlass Source: An addon for scoreboard tags, scoreboard tags are basically like data that you can add to entities that persists after a restart and/or when a player leaves. All of the syntaxes for this addon are generated...
  3. LimeGlass

    Addon Fawesk 1.0.1

    Fawesk - By LimeGlass Github: bStats metrics: Report bugs: A Skript addon to add full support for FAWE/WorldEdit. All of the syntax for this Skript addon are generated...
  4. LimeGlass

    Addon ServerInstances 2.0.2

    ServerInstances is a premium Skript addon that extends Skungee's API to create cloud network based servers. It has syntax which gets injected into Skungee on startup and those syntax can then be utilized to create and manage a cloud based network, all configurations and data folders are...
  5. LimeGlass

    Addon FunkySk 1.0.2

    FunkySk - By LimeGlass Github: Bug reports: bStats metrics: Demo of what I made with this addon: A Skript addon to add full support for NoteBlockAPI. This...
  6. K

    Solved Block variables?

    Is there a way to give placed blocks a variable? I'm trying to make a door system with keys and iw ant to put a variable on doors to check if it's the correct key! Anybody can help me?
  7. YoshYz

    SkellettProxy SkellettProxy

    What I'll explain in this tutorial? How to install correctly SkellettProxy How to use correctly the syntax of it Many examples What you need to install SkellettProxy? A BungeeCord server 1+ Servers Skellett installed in all connected servers. Place SkellettProxy.jar in your plugins folder...
  8. danielkp1234

    saving kills from minecraft to mysql to website

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 Fixes V8b Skript Author: i dont know Minecraft Version: craftbukkit 1.8.9 --- Full Code: Errors on Reload: no Console Errors: 3597: set {_r} to randomize "abcdefgh123456789!@##$+"') [16:42:40 WARN]: Den angivne...
  9. LimeGlass

    Script Vandal 1.0.1

    By: LimeGlass What is Vandal? Vandal is an Anti-Cheat script that I will be constantly working on and improving. Vandal is designed to give insane configuration, including the time hacks are triggered, the time it checks, the amount of hits, actions to perform and so much more! Hacks...
  10. LimeGlass

    Custom crate templates (Creating crate designs for free)

    Custom crate templates by LimeGlass Basically I will be creating your crate ideas in any way you wish. All you have todo is explain how the crate rotates or moves with a picture or explaination. Why am I doing this? Doesn't it seem like alot of work? Won't people request alot? Yes and I don't...
  11. LimeGlass

    Addon Skungee - The proxy addon for Skript 2.0.0-BETA-5

    Artwork provided by LuisaDraws ( Skungee is a proxy Skript addon that gives you full control over the entire proxy, it's that simple. Report your bugs here: 2.0.0: Interested in...
  12. LimeGlass

    Addon SkQuery [1.13-1.19+] 4.1.10

    Latest 4.1.6+ version only works with Skript 2.6.1+ and was compiled in Java 17 (MC 1.13+). If you're running 1.9-1.12 use SkQuery version 4.1.4. If you're running 1.13+ and have Java 17 use this version, if you are still using anything between Java 11 and Java 16 use version 4.1.5 or upgrade to...
  13. LimeGlass

    Addon Skellett - The beast addon! 2.0.10

    Documentation | Github | Bug reports The most popular Skript addon Requirements: Latest 2.0.3+ version only works with Skript 2.6.1+ Installation: Place in your plugins folder Restart server, and you have endless Skript syntax! If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel...