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Jan 24, 2017
location of "LimeGlass" parsed as player

Raw spreadsheet if image isn't working:

Coding Skills:
  • Attending Computer Software Engineering Education
  • Kotlin
  • Groovy
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • BASH
  • Lua
  • Skript
  • Python
Current resources:
Post to rating: Nearly 1:1 (Meaning majority of my messages get ratings) My respect rating in the community is through the roof.

Payment will only be done through Paypal

Contact me:

  • "I" referred in these terms are that of towards LimeGlass.
  • I reserve the rights to change prices and/or time at any given time under construction of project if the project may be taking more time than expected.
  • All prices are final when evaluated, no counter offers.
  • All content created is copyrighted by myself and client for any legal reasons past the delivery, intellectual property belonging to myself. If you find any redistribution of the product, contact myself.
  • I reserve the right to revoke access if I feel the content has been used in an inappropriate, hateful, or illegal manor.
  • There is no redistribution allowed. If so further actions will be taken.
  • Refunds are given based on the refund cause. I reserve the rights to define a refund based on the product once delivered and/or start of construction.
  • Lifetime maintenance is excluded from being hired towards an organization.
  • By using these services you acknowledge these terms and have fully read the service posting.

I get to messages every 1-3 days. I get lots of daily messages about Skript in general.

Please feel free to use this thread as vouches and/or any questions, private message me for orders :emoji_grinning:
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