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Addon SkQuery [1.13-1.19+] 4.1.9

The original Skript Addon.

  1. LimeGlass
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19
    Latest 4.1.6+ version only works with Skript 2.6.1+ and was compiled in Java 17 (MC 1.13+). If you're running 1.9-1.12 use SkQuery version 4.1.4. If you're running 1.13+ and have Java 17 use this version, if you are still using anything between Java 11 and Java 16 use version 4.1.5 or upgrade to Java 17. Click "Version History" tab to view older versions.

    1.6-1.8 versions of SkQuery can be found here https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/skquery (use 3.21.4)

    This build is based off Gatt's SkQuey edit in which he removed:
    • JSON messages
    • Scoreboard stuff
    • Particles
    • Change skin effect
    • Dead bossbar stuff
    • Removed all packet stuff
    • A lot of bug fixes
    • Made to work in most versions above 1.12
    • Added tempo option to midi syntax
      Code (Skript):
      1. play midi %string% to %players% [at [tempo] %-number%]
    • Added play midi from web link syntax
      Code (Skript):
      1. play midi from [(web[site]|link)] %string% to %players% [at [tempo] %-number%]
    • Added stop for midi files
      Code (Skript):
      1. stop midi [id] %string%
    • Added file existence condition file
      Code (Skript):
      1. [exist[(s|ance)] [at]] %string% or file %string% exists
    • Removed some files that were not used
    • Removed lores, Skript 2.3+ has lores now.
    • Fixed Yaml
    • Fixed getOnlinePlayers() crash
    • Fixed glowing itemtype
    • Fixed protocolib crash error
    • Fixed the permission manager
    • Fixed a bunch of null pointers
    • Fixed Time Relative not being able to be reset
    • Fixed fireworks
    • Fixed pop firework effect but removed clientside ability. New syntax:
      Code (Skript):
      1. (detonate|pop) %fireworkeffects% at %locations%
    • Added the ability to do multiple lamba evaluates. New syntax:
      Code (Skript):
      1. do [%-number% time[s]] %lambda%

    • Added former movement location. Uses the getFrom() in the on any movement that never existed.
      Code (Skript):
      1. ([the] (past|former) move[ment] [location]
    • Added settable relative option to the time relative syntax.
      Code (Skript):
      1. (relative|player) time of %player% [with relative %-boolean%]
      3. #or
      5. %player%'s (relative|player) time [with relative %-boolean%]
    • Fixed the where filter expression not working. (Throws some errors if the predicate contains an unknown expression/value. Looking into fixing that.)
    • Changed the any movement syntax from [on] any movement to [on] any move[ment]
    • Removed broken map support.
    • Removed the annoying startup message saying this is an unoffical build from Gatt's since it's not really needed.
    • Changed this syntax
      Code (Skript):
      1. blocks within %location% (to|and) %location%
    • Added bStats metrics https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/SkQuery
    • Removed ProtocolLib as a dependency. Meaning these broken syntax don't exist anymore:
    Code (Skript):
    1. make %players% see %blocks% as %itemtype% permanently
    2. restore updates to %blocks% for %offlineplayers%
    3. restore all updates
    But these syntax still work:

    Code (Skript):
    1. make %players% see %block% as %itemtype%
    2. make %players% see lines of %block% as %string%, %string%, %string%[ and], %string%
    I am not the offical creator of this addon. This addon was made by w00tmaster the developer of SkQuery. All credit goes towards him. This is just a fork I made that allows SkQuery to work for versions 1.13+

    Please don't demand support for this build.

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Recent Updates

  1. 4.1.9
  2. Bug fixes
  3. 2.6.3 Skript update

Recent Reviews

  1. FireRoz
    Version: 4.1.4
    Please do a 1.8 support.
    On bukkit 1.8 version doesn't work and I really need this :/
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Use version 3.21.4 from the Bukkit link, not version 4.
    Version: 4.1.1
    Fantastic.Hope u could add Mysql Support some day.
  3. TheGrandGolden
    Version: 3.6.5
    Thanks! This is A Lot Of Feature Having Skript SkQuery Plugin! Thanks!
  4. Itqly_
    Version: 3.6.3
    Great remake of SkQuery tho it would've been better if you just put all things It had, for example Json messages, Item names and I'm having problems with Items lore too. Mine is just a suggestion, not a bad criticism. It would be awesome if I could've just make a Script in SkQuery 1.8 and migrate it in this Fork without any Errors
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      1.8 SkQuery's can be found on Bukkit. This is for 1.9+

      In vanilla Skript for 1.9+ you use `with lores "line1", "line2" and "line3"`
  5. xDERobinLPx
    Version: 3.5.6a-Lime
    Thanks for your fork, with this I can switch to Skellett's mysql without any error from SkQuery!
  6. Veraid
    Version: 3.5.6a-Lime
    Skript's oldest addon reborn by the almighty LimeGlass, what else can I say? :P rip destroyer
  7. kenkencw
    Version: 3.5.6-Lime
    thank you guys for making those useful resources to us, appreciated
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :D
  8. DonaldTrump
    Version: 3.5.5-Lime
    Wonderful build of SkQuery, works flawlessly! I am pleased :) ^_^
  9. DHStyle
    Version: 3.5.5-Lime
    Tq for new SkQuery but why not work in 1.11.2 ? :/
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      This SkQuery build works in 1.11.2 can you send me error if you have any.
  10. Digger
    Version: 3.5.5-Lime
    Yay, Thank you so much for making this. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      No problem! Just trying to help the community to the best of my ability :D