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Deprecated Addon ScoreboardTags 1.0.0

A Skript addon dedicated to scoreboard tags.

  1. LimeGlass
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    ScoreboardTags - By LimeGlass

    Source: https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/ScoreboardTags

    An addon for scoreboard tags, scoreboard tags are basically like data that you can add to entities that persists after a restart and/or when a player leaves.

    All of the syntaxes for this addon are generated in a Syntax.yml with information on it, a disabler for each syntax and if it supports what changers.

    Example script:
    Code (Skript):
    2. on join:
    3.    if player doesn't have any scoreboard tags:
    4.        broadcast "test1"
    5.        add "testing" to scoreboard tags of player
    6.        if player has any scoreboard tags:
    7.            broadcast "test2"
    8.            if player has scoreboard tag "testing":
    9.                broadcast "test3"


    Code (Skript):
    2. Syntax:
    3.   Conditions:
    4.    CondHasScoreboardTag:
    5.      enabled: true
    6.      description: Check if the entity has any scoreboard tags.
    7.      syntax:
    8.      - '%entity% (1¦has|2¦does(n''t| not) have) ([a[ny]]|%-strings%) scoreboard tag[s]'
    9.      - '%entity% (1¦has|2¦does(n''t| not) have) scoreboard tag[s] %strings%'
    10.   PropertyExpressions:
    11.    ExprScoreboardTags:
    12.      enabled: true
    13.      changers: All changers
    14.      description: Returns or changes the scoreboard tags of the entities.
    15.      syntax:
    16.      - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] scoreboard tag[s] (of|from|in) [(entity|entities)] %entities%'
    If you have any suggestions that I should add. Please use the discussion page to notify me about them. If you need any help with this addon as well you can pm me or use the discussion of this resource, Thanks.

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