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  1. M

    Solved Need help with skript-reflect and bungeebridge

    Skript Version: 2.6.1 Server Version:1.18.2 (Paper) Bungee Version: Waterfall So i wanted to do a /kick command on an bungeecord with skript-reflect. Im using the BungeeBridge API but it just outputs nothing: import: me.dommi2212.BungeeBridge.packets.PacketKickPlayer...
  2. Flylix

    skungee event server

    What is the syntax for the event server? on server switch: if {Ownerofparty.%player%} is player: loop all players: if {party.%player%.list::*} contains loop-player: bungeecord connect loop-player to "%event-server%"
  3. Flylix

    variables via server

    Hello, I recently got a minecraft bungeecord network. I am planning to make a friends system, but have run into the following problem: How can I share variables across multiple sub-servers? Or is that impossible?
  4. E

    Skungee not working?

    command /talktome: trigger: show action bar with text "&a&lHello World!" to bungee player player Hey there. I just downloaded Skungee and configuered it all corectly (at least everything is filled out and there are no errors) i have it installed on my bungeecord and my 4 spigot...
  5. sluhtie

    Need help using Skungee network variables

    So I'm trying to make a playtime command using Skungee because I have a bungeecord network. So my Problem is that It gives me a error at my scheduler of ervery second. Maybe someone could help me. This is my Skript (proxy/plugins/Skungee/scripts): This is my Error: I'm getting the error on...
  6. M

    Solved Ping packet had no response

    I am trying to setup Skungee On My BungeeCord Network Everytime I startup it says Ping packet had no response I have check multiple times my setup I think I have it correct does anyone know y this happens
  7. P

    SkUngee, Bungeecord Server is Offline

    Hello SkUnity Community * This is my first post* Unfortunately I have a problem with the SkUngee addon. I am going to make a sign system with this addon and would like the block behind the sign to turn green when the server is online and red when offline, but it doesn't want to work. I'm sure I...
  8. T

    BungeeCord player online

    i have a problem then i try to se how many there are in my faction server is say 0 but there are 1 inside Pless help every 1 second: set {server_Factions} to size of bungeecord players on "Factions"
  9. B

    Solved Skript in Bungeecord

    I have a Bungeecord Network, and I have some scripts linked with Skungee, but the variables are not linked. How can I use variables around the Network? For example: I have a Nick.sk script, and that uses a variable that is {nick.%player%}, and I want that variable to travel all around the...
  10. O

    Bungee command

    Hey How can i execute bungee command?
  11. KabanFriends

    Skungee's weird problem

    I'm making a lobby server of BungeeCord network to send it to my friend. My friend has everything about the main server (BungeeCord network and some servers connected to it), so I'm developing this lobby server thing in a local BungeeCord network and a local spigot server, and when I made it...
  12. S

    Online players for a BungeeCord server

    Hi there I need help with this skript: https://pastebin.com/i8jujNyg The skript is a lobby Scoreboard that needs to tell me how many online players there are on example: Kitpvp. For now it just tells me that there are 0 players online, though there are more than 0. I can't solve it by myself...
  13. S

    Solved Check online players ON A BUNGEECORD NETWORK

    Hi there! I'm a noob to doing skript. Can one of you guys help me with this issue; Check online player count for other servers connected to my BungeeCord network. The skript may be used for a Scoreboard skript to the lobby :) Example: - Kitpvp: 10 online - Kitpvp (playercount) online Best...
  14. S

    Hiring [TEMP] Skript developer for new server.

    Server/Alias/Discord HexedMC/SilentWitch/SilentWitch#1658 Perm or temp?: Temporary, though I will return to same developer for future needs. Basic idea of request: Server GUI using Multicraft and Bungeecord. I also will be asking recommendations...
  15. Skaya

    Skungee help, Console Spam?

    Hi, if I try to connect my Hexacord with my 1.8 Server in combination with Skungee it spams in my Consol. On the Server and on the Proxy: 20:38:27 [INFO] §8[§cSkungee§8] §eConnected to server [SERVER1] with port 41575 20:38:27 [INFO] §8[§cSkungee§8] §eConnected to server [SERVER2] with port...
  16. Skaya

    Get Server Name from Bungee Network 1.8

    Hi, how can i use the feature of skungee to get the server where the skript runs on. Thx Skaya
  17. T

    Skungee send player to another bungee server

    So, Im making my own server selector plugin with Skungee, and I have this: on inventory click: if event-item is iron pickaxe named "&d&lResidence": set {_h} to player's name skungee send players "%{_h}%" to bungeecord server "resky" And if somehow click on pickaxe it send all...
  18. B

    Bungeecord Skungee

    How can i do it that my coins skript works on every server so what i mean is when i upload my coins skript on the skungee script folder and i do on server 1 /coins then it says you have 1$ but when I do /coins on server 2 i have 5$ how can i do it that i have 1 ammount on every server pls help...
  19. Weefle

    Addon SkWrapper [50% OFF] 4.0.4

    Demonstration: Presentation: SkWrapper is a simple premium wrapper for your BungeeCord system, it will help you to manage server's creation and deletion the way you want it. (It's a BungeeCord plugin) This is an independent plugin that can be used as addon for Skript with the free SkWaze...
  20. cheatchki

    Script BungeePEX 1.0

    Requirements: - skript - MundoSK - SKUtilities - PermissionEX Features: - Ability to send PermissionEx commands over your bungee server - Set Certain ranks to be bungee wide - config is seperate from skript, and can be found in the PermissionEx folder (Or if specified in a different...