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If i could marry a plugin... it would be this one hands down
Not tested, yet. But it sounds really fantastic and LimeGlass is a professional developer and supporter of Skript - so thanks a lot for that!!!!
This Skript addon allows you to send players between bungee servers, check bungee server status and more!
[Skungee] Severe Error: [ServerSocket couldn't be created on port: 1337] how do i fix it
It's good, it adds a way to easily get other bungeecord servers' info. But, it stops working after a day or smth of uptime :(
This plugin is awesome! But I have 2 problems 1 is that there is a weird console error and the second thing is that I can't broadcast a message to all players. I've looked in the syntax and I'm probably doing something wrong but there is an error.
Hi i use this plugin since a week and this is a fantastic plugin, but today i got an error and i don't know how can i fix it.

[10:27:08 INFO]: [Skungee] There was no socket found or was denied access at
[10:27:08 INFO]: [Skungee] Going into keep alive mode...

Can you help me?
The error is because your credentials are incorrect, you can private message me.
an essenstial add for bungee skripters and a very great addon but since I've updated my skungee 1.0.11 -> 1.0.13 When my server is launched i have to do an /sk reload all to make skungee syntaxes functiona. Idk if i'm the only people wo have this bug but it's very annoying :/

Btw some missed functionalities like starting / restarting a server
Good plugin, easy to setup and configure along with some nice events. Although the page isn't very clear how do i make a global skript? Also i reccomend making a video
Nice bungeecord plugin i like it ;)

And can you help, with bungeecord teleportations ?

How i can teleport player in specific location on bungeecord servers ?
Skungee can't access teleporting players on Spigot, but you can use the evaluation effect after connecting to a server, which evaluates a Skript effect.
That's very good ! I've an idea. Create support for variable list or maybe add possibility to create real bungee commands ? Great job !
Thanks for all, could you add how i can check how many players are in a server? Thanks.

Lobby 234 players
MinigamesServer 567 players

send "Actually in the Lobby Server are a total of 234 players and in the MiniGamesServer are a total of 567 players."
set {_size} to size of all players on bungeecord server "Example"
one love .
Works great, people who leave a 1-star review just don't know how to use Bungeecord. Works lovely and I never had an issue with it. But sometimes it conflicts with "kill loop-player" as example, since SkelletProxy overrides it.
Haters gonna hate. Good luck finding someone else trying to mess with bungeecord in a skript addon. Took a bit for the last fix but its still the only thing youll get to handle that stuff. And even with the Bugs it had, the things that were working were still great.

Nice Update anyways! :D
Amazing plugin, very useful for cross-server syncing, easy to use and great help from the author. Best skript addon in my opinion.
Amazing. And can you add something like; send player to instead of a Bungeecord Server "ID"? If this is possible it'd be great. If not, well, atleast you did more research on it than I did.

Great addon.
Just awesome! Thanks for your works!
Continue like that!
Woooooow finnaly the new update thanks you alot for your works ! :)
Thanks alot for the help with the plugin, it works great but how do i send a message to all online players?
The syntax is [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (message|send|msg) %string% to [(the|all)] [of] [the] bungee[[ ][cord]] players

And an example would be

message "&6Test" to all bungeecord players

Please use the discussion page, tag me or PM me if you need help with anything :D