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Version: 1.0.1

  • Fixed a bug with receivers not working in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug with variable backups not working in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug with network variables.
  • Fixed a bug with BungeePackets.
  • Fixed some bugs in the server tracker + configurations.
  • Fixed some bugs sending packets.
  • Fixed the ServerTracker returning servers properly.
  • A bunch of small fixes.
  • Cleaned up BungeePackets.
  • Removed a debug message.
  • Added some more configurations!
  • The config.yml will reset, so make sure you have saved your valuable configuration options.
  • Events and Global scripts are still disabled.
  • You need to install this update on both the Spigot and Bungeecord server.
  • If you find any bugs, please notify a Skungee developer with all the information you can provide, errors, your code, the versions of the server and Skungee etc
Some quick bug fixes. Thanks for the bug reports :emoji_grinning:

Hello guys! Did you expect this? xD

Today we present to you the remake of SkellettProxy, called Skungee!

This is a beta launch over night, Happy holidays :emoji_grinning:
The team has put 40% into coding and nearly 60% into testing to make sure the quality and performance is met. So keep in mind this is in Beta and we could have missed some bugs, if you find any, please report them to the developers of Skungee or use the Skungee discussion section.

Thanks to my friend Dominic and Sashie for helping with the project. (Sashie isn't a developer of Skungee he just helped, so don't spam him for help lol)

Skungee has been weeks in the making, and today is the big release of the project! Super excited to release it to you guys! Without further or do, we present to you the #1 Bungeecord addon Skungee!
LimeGlass: I have heard all your reports, I have literally not even joking, seen nearly 100+ error reports about the old SkellettProxy not working correctly with some systems. This remake should fix all that!

Now you may be asking what did this Skungee change? Well on the Skript side for you guys nothing, everything is the same as SkellettProxy with lots and lots more features coming soon! What was remade and improved apon? Well let me give you guys a big ol list.

  • Security overhaul, you want encryption you got it (even one way encryption), you want password protection you got it, you want a fail safe, monitoring and logging system you got it, you want to encrypt your passwords within a file, say no more, its done. Lots and lots of security improvements to secure your server up like a zip-lock.
  • Faster and cleaner coding.
  • Better and easier syntax.
  • Multiple support for everything (having %players% rather than %player%)
  • You can get player data from a uuid, player name or player
  • Improved performance and sockets run properly.
  • Lots of new configurations, have fun having full control over everything, the way it should be.
  • Lots of bugs squashed.
  • Everything in one jar
  • Has Skellett's framework built in, meaning lots of handling of syntax and the errors and more goodies for Skungee developers to add :emoji_grinning:
  • Network variable now support lists! (YES)
  • Variable backups work nicely now
  • English enums (example: POTATO is now like potato)
  • Metrics on both Spigot and Bungeecord https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/Skungee and https://bstats.org/plugin/bungeecord/Skungee
  • Internal Packet system for Bungee and Spigot
  • Internal clean up allowing developers of Skungee to increase updates and release more epic content.
  • Receiver is now separate from the events option.
  • Online and Offline Bungeecord network support now!
  • Events aren't in this update just yet. They will be released soon.
  • RedisBungee syntax aren't in this update yet either. I need to update the whole system to the latest RedisBungee (Premium)
  • Global script aren't in this update yet either, needed to play around with those more.
  • Should be as simple as setting up the past SkellettProxy version. (I will make an updated video soon)
  • Again this is in BETA and any bugs you find please report it in the discussion page, thanks.
  • Skungee doesn't need Skellett to run at all, it's all on it's own.
  • There are some minor tweaks to some syntax, check the Syntax.yml that gets generated with lots of information.
  • You will need to delete and remove SkellettProxy from your Bungeecord server and delete the folder files for Skungee to work properly, and also disable SkellettProxy in the older Skellett versions. (Make sure to backup old files if you want)
  • There will be some more updates from the team later this week adding more stuff and fixing up any bugs that may arise.
  • There is some artwork in the making for the addon so stay tuned for that too.
Hope you guys enjoy! Sorry it has taken 4-5 months for this update to come out :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

LimeGlass: I'm heading to sleep so if there are any critical issues that happen, please revert back to the old SkellettProxy and report the bugs in the discussion, I will get to any issues in the morning. Good night o/
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This update fixes a possible bug that causes SkellettProxy to hold SkellettPacket's from being sent, waiting for a response from Skellett. This issue was causing console errors, some harmless, and some not so much.

Side notes:
  • This version has RedisBungee stuff disabled as I compiled this version on my new PC and I don't have RedisBungee's source/jar.
  • New versions reset your config's to make sure they have the latest config options, so make sure you save your config if you modified any values.
  • Bungeecord events can't be cancelled in this version. As that was the main issue. Needs more testing before I release that.
  • Thanks to all the 1 star reviews waiting for this update ._.
  • This version should work fine on the latest Skellett.
  • This version is a beta SNAPSHOT. If you find any bugs please report.
Fixed a bug where some events wern't working right.

Fixed a bug where player's couldn't chat in some cases.

Fixed a bug where player's couldn't enter commands.
This version of SkellettProxy needs Skellett 1.9.2+ in order to run

Added the server switch event and fixed some bugs.
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Fixes for SkellettProxy and adds server switch event
[on] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [player] switch server[s]
[on] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [player] server[s] switch

on bungeecord player disconnect:
    broadcast "%event-string%"
    broadcast "%event-uuid%"
    broadcast "%event-offlineplayer%"
on bungeecord player switch server:
    broadcast "%event-string%"
    broadcast "%event-uuid%"
    broadcast "%event-offlineplayer%"
    set {_eventServer} to current bungeecord server of uuid "%event-uuid%"
The UUID and OfflinePlayer won't work unless your Spigot server is setup with the bungeecord node true.

This version of SkellettProxy need Skellett 1.9.1+ in order to run
Added RedisBungee support!

Check Skellett's update post to see all changes.

This version needs Skellett 1.8.9 in order to run
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This update is to fix a critical bug caused when the bungeecord goes offline. All the Skellett servers are sending packets trying to find SkellettProxy to give an active reading.

This caused tons of random errors.

In the last version I added a beta system to reconnect all Skellett servers to Bungeecord again after the Bungee has disconnected. It was in beta because it uses glitchy methods to reset connections and because so many errors could happen because of it. This update is a better revamp of that system.

The Skellett servers are fine on their Skellett version. This error needed to be adressed in SkellettProxy.

Added the ability to send charsets in global scripts. Such as unicode symbols, etc.

As reported by @CKR367 :emoji_slight_smile:
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