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  1. M

    TuskeGUI skript

    Tuske: 1.8.3 Skriptdev-36 Mc version 1.8.9 paper function Server(p: player): set {_u} to uuid of {_p} close {_p}'s inventory play sound "note.pling" with volume 1 and pitch 1 at {_p} for {_p} open chest with 5 rows named "&6&lServer &7&l- &aPRISON" to {_p} format gui slot...
  2. T

    GUI Shop not working?

    Command /casino: trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "&4Køb poletter!" to player wait 1 tick format slot 10 of player with music disc pigstep named "&6Heldig polet" with lore "&bPris: &a$7500" format slot 12 of player with music disc strad named "&7Sølv...
  3. Z

    Inventories in tuske

    Hi. Is there a way to make items in a players inventory unstealable when theyre in a tuske gui? In that gif i want to be able to make it so players cant move anything in their main inventory when a different inventory is opened.
  4. DKPeak

    Solved NPC Open empty gui with item in hand

    Hi I have a GUI that is suposed to open when you righclick on a NPC. But when you rightclick on the NPC with any item, it just opens a empty GUI, but if you just rightclick with your hand, it does it right. Video: I have tried to use "on right click on entity:" and the plugin commandNPC, but...
  5. G

    trading thing like from hypixel skyblock

    hello so i just started skripting and I am really bad at it. I was wondering if anyone here could make a trade menu like from hypixel skyblock. so when u shift-rightclick somebody, or do /trade, it sends that person a message, like "Grandfish has sent you a trade request! do /tradeaccept to...
  6. RealNetwork

    Solved Skript GUI HELP

    Hello. I have been trying to make a punish GUI for my anticheat, it will show all online players and when you click on a player, It will open another GUI with some other tools(ban, kick, other stuff). Here is my code so far: if arg 1 is "punish": if arg 2 is not set: wait 3 ticks...
  7. N

    Admin Items Skript (Need Help)

    Hey, I made a Admin Items Skript, so that normal players can see them but only Admins can edit them. The Skript worked in 1.12.2 but the saving mechanism wont work in 1.16.4. Can somebody help me with that? [EDIT] Also there is no error message if i reload the Skript [EDIT] command /adminitems...
  8. FoxCraftGaming

    Solved gui error

    hey everyone, can someone help me with this skript cuz i dont get it to work with whatever i try command /bwgui: permission: sk.bwgui permission message: &8&l(&c&l!&8&l)&7 &cUnknown&7 command, type &c/help&7 for help trigger: set {bwps} to number of players in world...
  9. N

    Tuske GUI Update

    format gui slot 10 of player with 5 of red wool named "&4&l-5 Diamanter" with lore "" to run: remove 5 from {_antal} send "%{_antal}%" format gui slot 11 of player with 1 of red wool named "&4&l-1 Diamant" with lore "" to run: remove 1 from {_antal}...
  10. Squarebuilder

    Solved Custom Head in a GUI

    Hi there, I've been trying to get custom heads (e.g. into a GUI for a few weeks now. I tried this code among others: command /gui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with 1 row named "&6GUI" to the sender...
  11. N

    Variable do not "communicate"

    My script do not communicate as it should. It is suppose to add x to {_antal} when the green wool is clicked but the diamond in the middle don't change command /coinflip: trigger: set {_antal} to 1 open chest with 1 row named "&4&lCoinFlip" to player wait 1 tick set slot 0 of...
  12. D

    Click on a item to open something

    The error is: "when right click on nether_star" when right click on nether_star: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "&e&lMENU" to player format gui slot 4 of player with skull of player named "&e%player%" format gui slot 10 of player with diamond...
  13. W

    Shiny not working : "format slot 1 of player with shiny paper"

    This is my skript: # SKRIPT LAVET AF WALLHACK27 # DISCORD: WALLHACK27::1111 command /kits: trigger: wait 3 ticks open chest with 3 rows named "&6&lKITS" to player format slot 13 of player with glowing glass named "&eTag dit kit." with lore "&7- Klik her for at tage...
  14. S

    Switch item in gui?

    This code works on one item, but when you need to press another item, it just makes it unstealable. Please, help me if there is a fix for this. Thanks in advance. on rightclick on painting: if {Tasks.%player%::*} contains "Shields - Prime Shields": if "%region at player%" contains...
  15. fasteR

    Solved Need help for my GUI

    Hi there, I am new at Skript and skQuery. I want to learn it and trying to write some skripts. I need your help at that skript: command /ada <player>: description: Ada ile ilgili komutları gösterir. trigger: if arg-1 is set: wait 0.2 seconds open chest...
  16. M

    My shop skript's buyable stuff (stone, logs, etc) not showing

    Skript Version: Skript 2.51 (dev20c) Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.16.3 --- Full Code: Code (Skript): command /gh: trigger: set {money::%uuid of player%} to 1000 command /gy: trigger: set {money::%uuid of player%} to 0 command /shop: trigger: open virtual...
  17. BadName

    Is there any way to make arguments work work with vanilla GUI?

    Hi, im trying to make a /report plugin/script with a GUI. I was wondering if the is any way to make arguments(%arg-#%) work with Vanilla GUIs.
  18. D

    Formatting Inventory Slots

    Hey guys. I'm new to skunity, and skript in general. im using SkQuery v4.1.4 and Skript 2.5, and was wondering how to detect an item in the inventory, like for example format slot 12 of player with slot 56 of player, or something like that. I'm making it so that a gui will copy the...
  19. G

    Set slot item bugged

    Hello everyone! so i make a skript when a player click on anvil crafting gui showed, but when i close the gui the item in 3rd slot of my toolbar cant be move it only happend with stone blocks please help! on inventory click: if inventory name of current inventory of player is...
  20. S

    gui lock status breaking.

    Anyone knows if "/skript reload scripts" break the "set the gui-lock-status to true" ? I'm testing guis from skript-gui, and I don't know if gui lock status break in a random circunstance or when I reload the scripts. Thanks.