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  1. KingDooms

    Can't set durability on a item?

    So i'm trying to make a forge to be able to repair a pickaxe, but everything works except the durability, the durability doesn't change, giving no errors but the rest of the code works. Any help? command /forgegui: permission: op trigger: open chest with 3 rows named...
  2. C

    Solved Simple Gui not working

    command /menu: trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "Menu" to player format slot 3 of player with book "format slot 3 of player with book" doesn't work. I have the plugins SkQuery and skRayFall
  3. C

    /prestige command help

    Script Version: 2.5.3 Script Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.16.4 Full Code: command /prestige: trigger: set {prestige::%player's uuid%} to {_prestige} if {_prestige} >= 10: if {_prestige} < 50: send "hi" set...
  4. D

    Script Vouchers! 1.0

    This Skript made by me is very useful! It allows you to create vouchers with the item you are holding and then edit the items you get by changing them in a GUI. You can also add commands that will execute when the player right clicks. Addons Needed (Pretty Sure): SkBee Usage...
  5. bajinzin

    Solved Help item to chat #------------------ # ChatItem # - Version 1.7.1 # - Created by D4isDAVID #------------------ # Dependencies: # - Minecraft 1.9+ # - Skript 2.5.3+ # - SkBee 1.10.1+ #------------------ # Config options: # itemName - how the item name will...
  6. SoPastel

    Function is not a text

    Skript Version: 2.6 Server Version: 1.8 When I try to load this skript it gives me the error: 'gui(p: player) is not a text' and I am not sure why. Code: function gui(p: player): wait 1 tick open chest with 3 rows named "&d&lTest Gui" to {_p}
  7. T

    Tuske error help

    ok so i am trying to make thing gui thin but it either wont accept my command or it will and not show the clickable item in the gui help!! here is my code command /Vehicle: aliases: /cars permission: permission message: &7[&4Rusty&7] &6You Dont Have Persmission! trigger...
  8. D

    LuckPerms GUI Skript Error

    So I was making a LuckPerms gui skript to switch around ranks really fast but when I try to switch ranks it says: <none> is not a valid username/uuid. but for some reason my regular ranks work perfectly fine, but when I click on the Staff and Special ranks it gives me that message. Here is my code:
  9. Minecoll_YT

    Solved Error message using TuSKe GUI and Functions

    Skript parts: Console message when clicking the item: I'm not sure if its an error I'm unable to find or if its a problem with tuske Found a workaroung, no help needed.
  10. L

    Solved Make a player perform an command with an permission

    Hey, i am trying to make an gui. But now i would like that if a player click on an item the command get executet with an permssion (or as op) if index of event-slot = 13: cancel event make player execute command "/mv tp jumpandrun" [that command should run with...
  11. M

    Moving items in a Tuske GUI

    Hello, How do I create a tuske GUI that I can move items in and out of?
  12. J

    Player head click in gui?

    i have this problem with my gang skript, there is like a promotion system where you have to click a players head in a gui to promote them. but i dont know how to track if a player head is clicked here is my skript if clicked item = player head: if {bande.owner.%{bande.%uuid of...
  13. X

    HELP GUI enchanting LEvel 50 enchants

    Hello PLS HELP ME HELP ME I need help I want a level 50 GUI enchant on my server just like the hypixel skyblock ones HELP ME HELP HEre is what I got now: #on enchant prepare: # set {_lv15} to 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 # create gui with id "Enchanting table" with virtual chest with 6 rows named...
  14. Runakai

    Script Level your Spawner! 1.0

    This script was only tested on 1.16 and 1.15 but should work on all versions that support SkBee's nbt syntax. This Script requires SkBee This Script allows you to upgrade following Entities: Pig, Chicken, Fox, Cat, Wolf, Cow, Sheep, Mooshroom, Horse, Blaze The wool block will be green, if...
  15. G

    Remove item that is used to click on TuSKe GUI item.

    When somebody clicks on an item in a TuSKe GUI I want that item to be deleted and I would like for somebody to point me in the right direction! I want the player to drag an item into an anvil and that item that was dragged into the anvil to vanish while it gives you a new, better item. My code...
  16. M

    TuskeGUI skript

    Tuske: 1.8.3 Skriptdev-36 Mc version 1.8.9 paper function Server(p: player): set {_u} to uuid of {_p} close {_p}'s inventory play sound "note.pling" with volume 1 and pitch 1 at {_p} for {_p} open chest with 5 rows named "&6&lServer &7&l- &aPRISON" to {_p} format gui slot...
  17. T

    GUI Shop not working?

    Command /casino: trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "&4Køb poletter!" to player wait 1 tick format slot 10 of player with music disc pigstep named "&6Heldig polet" with lore "&bPris: &a$7500" format slot 12 of player with music disc strad named "&7Sølv...
  18. Z

    Inventories in tuske

    Hi. Is there a way to make items in a players inventory unstealable when theyre in a tuske gui? In that gif i want to be able to make it so players cant move anything in their main inventory when a different inventory is opened.
  19. DKPeak

    Solved NPC Open empty gui with item in hand

    Hi I have a GUI that is suposed to open when you righclick on a NPC. But when you rightclick on the NPC with any item, it just opens a empty GUI, but if you just rightclick with your hand, it does it right. Video: I have tried to use "on right click on entity:" and the plugin commandNPC, but...
  20. G

    trading thing like from hypixel skyblock

    hello so i just started skripting and I am really bad at it. I was wondering if anyone here could make a trade menu like from hypixel skyblock. so when u shift-rightclick somebody, or do /trade, it sends that person a message, like "Grandfish has sent you a trade request! do /tradeaccept to...