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  1. Acidic


    Hey there, I am looking for some help with my skript for cooldowns. on right click: if player is holding gold ingot: set {_c} to difference between {cd::%player's uuid%} and now {_c} < 10 seconds: send "&cWait %{_c}% seconds before using again" to player...
  2. Palgia

    API TimerAPI - API for cooldows and timers 1.0

    Easily manage player and global timers! Skript-reflect is required! An example file is included in the .zip, check it out! IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS: - ALL FUNCTIONS WITH 'ID' AS AN ARGUMENT MUST BE A NAME FOR YOUR COOLDOWN. - DURATION MUST BE SET AS A TIMESPAN. - Set a timer for a player...
  3. R

    Solved How to stop particles to bug

    Hello, i have problem that somehow the particles got bugged and still spawning when snowball is already dead, it happen if you try to pierce one block on it's corner, the particles are spawning over the block, I don't know how to fix it, if its problem of skript and it still think that snowball...
  4. N

    Skript Cooldowns for Dummies

    Hello. My name is Nix, and this is my (not so) brief essay tutorial about all you should need to know about cooldowns. The gaming term "cooldown" originates from 1990 RPG games and usually refers to an item, ability, or miscellaneous part of the game that you couldn't use for a certain period...
  5. J

    Solved Anyone know how to put a cooldown every time you click (LMB)

    Hello, Ultra beginner noob here. I was just testing out skript the past day and wanted to make an explosion happen in front of the player (already done that) And to stop people from spamming it I want a 1-second delay between each press of the LMB. This is prob simple and my tiny brain can't...
  6. S

    Beacon Rename Skript

    How can i make when the player clicks with the sword on the beacon his sword will be renamed (some random names for example (gf, gg, Back to spawn ) and have cooldwown for 10 sec minecraft version 1.8
  7. J

    Set player's reach to 4 if they wait 2x the attack cooldown

    on left click: execute console command "/reach player %player% 3" clear {timer} set {timer} to 0 set {atkspd} to player's attack speed final attribute set {chargetimer} to 2*(20/{atkspd}) loop {chargetimer} times: add 1 to {timer} send "%{timer}%"...
  8. D

    Packet cooldown function

    Packet cooldown function I very much did try to make this on my own but could not figure it out, so I decided to reach out to you folks What I want: I just want a function that uses skript-packet's packet system and use "set cooldown" packet to execute a overlay on any item like...
  9. R

    wand cooldown with changing cmd

    Hello! I'm trying to make wand that changes custom model data on cooldown, but I don't know how to select that specific item even if player is not holding it! Here's my code every 0.1 second: loop players: if {cooldown_necromancers_wand::%loop-player's uuid%} is "active"...
  10. U

    Cooldown For A Right Click Skript

    hey guys i was just wondering if you can help a stranger because its just that i tried to make a partneritem skript but i never knew how to add a cooldown to a right click skript what i did is that when u right clicked that item it does a command that has a cooldown and what happend is that...
  11. KingDooms

    Variables don't check other variables???

    So basically, I was making a cooldown command, incase any cooldown that I make gets stuck, but for some reason, it doesn't work. Basically how it works is it checks for any variable (that I manually insert) that is more than 0, we will call this a check, after 5 ticks, which should be enough for...
  12. S

    Bow cooldown

    Hello, I need help to make shooting with the bow to be used again in 2 seconds
  13. Shadow Klassic

    Shield/Ender Pearl Cooldown on Custom Items

    Heyup guys! So how can i make an animation played like an enderpearl when executed played on any item. Skript mirror and that packet addon is present in my plugins folder! i am aware there are ways to do it with java plugins and protocol lib but is there a way to integrate it through skript...
  14. G

    Skript cooldown cancel if player leaves inventory

    I currently have a /warps skript with several warps with a cooldown of 30 minutes everytime someone uses this command. But my issue is if someone was to leave this inventory, the cooldown would still start. Anyone know how to fix this? also I tried adding cooldown cancel after send "&cCould not...
  15. RedDiamond

    Need help for my custom item skript

    I really need help for this one, so I've made a custom items that do stuff with a cooldown, but when I run it on minehut it didn't want to do any of the effects and just skip to the 'else' part anyone know why? options: prefix: &8[&a&lKrypBox&8] variables: {Cooldown.%player%} = 0 #Fire...
  16. RedDiamond

    Solved Need Help For Simple Shooting Script

    Hei So i've made a script for shooting entity when holding an item and I wanna make it so player can't spam it, so like I want a cooldown/delay for every shoot, I hope someone understand lol This is my current script, I want to make a delay for every fireball shoot #Fireball Shooter on...
  17. A

    Different cooldowns?

    Hello everyone :) I'm trying to make a "kitadder" script. the thing that's really hard for me, is that I can't make a different cooldown for each kit. The code is a little messy, I know... I will fix it when I find out how to set different cooldowns! command /showinv [<text>]: trigger...
  18. J

    Solved How to add a cooldown to a click skript

    mc version 1.16.2 skript version most recent This is the skript so far i wanted to add a 3 second cooldown, how could i? also if i could make it so the golden hoe has to be named a certain thing thatd be great :emoji_grinning: (i did the spacing wont show for some reason) edit: only addon i...
  19. O

    Solved I Want to make a gun cooldown please help

    Okay so I'm making this gun server I have a pistol this is the script: on right click holding a wooden hoe: shoot arrow at speed 2 But the problem is that it shoots WAY too fast than I want it to, so basically I have to make a cool down and I have no idea how to do that. I tried making a var...
  20. R

    daily cooldown

    I want to make a daily command with /reward, although I can't think of a way to make it. any help?