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Variables don't check other variables???

Discussion in 'Skript' started by KingDooms, Oct 22, 2021.

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  1. KingDooms

    KingDooms Member

    Jun 10, 2020
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    So basically, I was making a cooldown command, incase any cooldown that I make gets stuck, but for some reason, it doesn't work. Basically how it works is it checks for any variable (that I manually insert) that is more than 0, we will call this a check, after 5 ticks, which should be enough for the cooldown/variable to go down, it will check if the variable is not less/higher than the check. When I make it check for not less, it works for every variable even if the check doesn't exist. When I make it check for higher, it doesn't work on any of them, even if the math is right. Any help?

    Code (Text):
    1. command /cooldown [<text>] [<text>]:
    2.     permission: op
    3.     trigger:
    4.         if arg-1 is set:
    5.             if arg-1 is "add":
    6.                 add arg-2 to {AllCooldowns::*}
    7.             if arg-1 is "remove":
    8.                 remove arg-2 from {AllCooldowns::*}
    9.             if arg-1 is "list":
    10.                 loop {AllCooldowns::*}:
    11.                     send "%{AllCooldowns::%loop-index%}%" to player
    12.         else:
    13.             loop {AllCooldowns::*}:
    14.                 if {%loop-value%::%player%} is higher than 0:
    15.                     set {CooldownCheck_%loop-value%::%player%} to "%{%loop-value%::%player%}%"
    16.                     send "%{%loop-value%::%player%}%" to player
    17.                     send "%{CooldownCheck_%loop-value%::%player%}%" to player
    18.             wait 5 ticks
    19.             loop {AllCooldowns::*}:
    20.                 if {%loop-value%::%player%} is not less than "%{CooldownCheck_%loop-value%::%player%}%": # This is the broken part :/
    21.                     send "%loop-value%: %{%loop-value%::%player%}%" to player # The sends are for me to monitor
    22.                     set {%loop-value%::%player%} to 0
    23.                     send "check: %{CooldownCheck_%loop-value%::%player%}%" to player
    24.                     clear {CooldownCheck_%loop-value%::%player%}
    25.                 else:
    26.                     send "Check: %{CooldownCheck_%loop-value%::%player%}%" to player
    27.                     send "Loop Value: %{%loop-value%::%player%}%" to player
    28.                     clear {CooldownCheck_%loop-value%::%player%}
  2. BaeFell

    BaeFell I'm Poppy
    Admin Supporter

    Nov 27, 2016
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    You're comparing an integer and a string. Remove the speech marks and percentage signs and it should work. You could also try using "is greater than" as well. Sometimes Skript's syntax can be a bit iffy.
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