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  1. kamilleon

    Solved Cooldown time for argument player

    I wanted to create a plot rating point system for admins, to rate the players plots, and give them points depending on the rating. Also I wanted to add an anti-abuse system to it, so a player can be only rated once every hour, globally. else: set...
  2. NCSGeek

    Solved Help with decaying list values

    Full script: Hello all! In my script, im looking to have values in {%player%-tpa::*} be removed from that list after a given amount of time. Im not quite sure how to go about this, however. Above is my current script. I have no addons installed, and I'm on...
  3. F

    Command Cooldown

    Can anyone help me to add a cooldown on a command command /refill trigger: give player mushroom stew #if you have to wait send message "You have to wait 90 seconds" #Cooldown 90 seconds Sorry for my bad english i am from germany
  4. S

    Solved Simple Comand Cooldown [Help]

    Hello, I want to create a simple command with Cooldown for my server. But he does not work the way I would like it. Pls Help me ======================================================== command /feed: trigger: player has permission "lul": set {_diff} to difference...