Cooldown For A Right Click Skript

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Dec 23, 2021
hey guys i was just wondering if you can help a stranger because its just that i tried to make a partneritem skript but i never knew how to add a cooldown to a right click skript what i did is that when u right clicked that item it does a command that has a cooldown and what happend is that players found the illegal command that the partneritem when right clicked executes so now i need help to make a new skript anyone please help me
Version 1.17.1
Failed Code:

on right click:
if player is holding magma cream of luck of the sea 10 named "&cRage Drive" with lore "&7", "&7When right clicked this item will give you", "&7Strength 2 for 10 seconds", "&7" and "&ePurchase at &d&!":
execute player command "51527830101295763016392"
remove 1 paper named "&c&lRage Ball" from player's inventory

command /51527830101295763016392:
cooldown: 2 minutes
cooldown message: &8[&dPartner Items&8] &cYou Have To Wait &c&l%remaining% &cTo Use This Partner Item Again!
cooldown bypass: partneritems.bypass
send "" to player
send "•&6 You have used a &cRage Drive" to player
send "•&6 You are now on Cooldown For &f2 Minutes" to player
send "" to player
make console execute command "execute at %player% unless block ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:bedrock run particle minecraft:angry_villager ~ ~1 ~ 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.125 10"
make console execute command "effect give %player% strength 10 1"
remove 1 magma cream named "&cRage Drive" with lore "&7", "&7When right clicked this item will give you", "&7Strength 2 for 10 seconds", "&7" and "&ePurchase at &d&!" from player's inventory
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don't use numbers in commands. also PLEASE USE CODE BOXES


And also just add variable cooldown and the rest of the code on the rightclick event
if {itemnamecooldown::%player's uuid%} is true:
  send "&cThis item is on cooldown!" to player

set {itemnamecooldown::%player's uuid%} to true
wait (cooldown) seconds
set {itemnamecooldown::%player's uuid%} to false
how do i make it so that it shows the cooldown when its right clicked? like instead of This Item Is on cooldown it says
This Item is on cooldown for %remaining time%
on right click with stick:
  if difference between {lastrightclick::%player%} and now >= 5 seconds:
    set {lastrightclick::%player%} to now
    do stuff
  if difference between {lastrightclick::%player%} and not < 5 seconds:
    send "&ccool down" to player
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