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  1. L

    Advent Calendar

    so I am trying to make it so everyone get the advent calendar tokens but I don't want the same person to get it twice but it can't understand "cancel event" every 1 second: loop all players: if {given.advent%loop-player%} is false: give loop-player green glazed terracotta of...
  2. The0Felon

    Skript With Modded Items

    when i start my server, it says "Minecraft id xxx is not valid" I saw somebody fixed it with aliases but it doesnt worked for me. I saw somebody fixed it with variables too but i didnt understand it. How can i fix it? Running on Java 17.0.8 (Oracle Corporation) Magma version...
  3. M

    help me

    command /wshop: trigger: teleport player to -121, 77, -617 in world "world" title send player "teleport to shop" why error????
  4. B

    Aliases Skript Error

    I have had a good time, making my server. But then this weird error existed... Whenever i reload my Aliases config, using "/sk reload aliases". Then the server crashes... I don't have the slightest idea, about what this is... I would love to get some help with it My latest.log...
  5. E

    Why is this not working?

    Why it's not working? I have the Addons: Skript.jar MorkazSk.jar SharpSK.jar SkQuery-4.1.6.jar skRayFall+v1.9.27.jar skUtilities.v0.9.2.jar Pls help me I tried to make a List, that sorts the player The Guy who did the most damage will win the event. here is screenshot with error and code
  6. C

    Skript Commands Not Working

    Yesterday I tried to code a few commands in skript but the commands do not show up, i have 0 errors and the code should work. command /shop: permission: description: opens a server-wide shop. trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 3 named "Shop" to...
  7. K

    Options messages not working.

    I have been making combat log for my server but when I use options. it says that send "{@prefix} &cYou can't use commands while in combat!" to player is not a condition or effect. how do I make it so it doesn't say that. does options need a plugin? please tell me My code: options: prefix...
  8. KingDooms

    Looting drops not working

    Basically, im trying to make custom drops and make looting work... but for some reasson, it only drops one, depending on what i do. Any help? on death of pig: clear drops wait 1 tick set {looting::%player%} to level of looting of player's tool + 1 drop {looting::%player%} of raw...
  9. H

    Solved how to do %'s in a skript message

    So I made my random chance game but every time if I make the skript message the player to say "gg you got {item} 10% chance" it gives me an error. Does anyone know how to fix this? My skript is just: command /test: trigger: message "gg you got {item} 10% chance"
  10. V

    I have an error that crashes the server

    i have made 2 scripts for a game i wanted to make, but skript shows this error: [16:01:58 ERROR]: [Skript] Skript cannot save any variables to the database 'default'. The server will hang and may crash if no more variables can be saved. [16:02:14 WARN]: [Skript] Cannot write variables to the...
  11. V

    I have an error that crashes the server

    i have made 2 scripts for a game i wanted to make, but skript shows this error:
  12. D

    Solved I got this error when the server starts

    So i started my server and skript is doing something mental in the console I hope someone can help...
  13. T

    I found error in skript.

    Error: If I write: loop-block is TOP stone brick slab -My script works only with TOP stone brick slab But if i write about BOTTOM slab loop-block is BOTTOM stone brick slab -My script works with all states stone brick slab (bottom, top and double), not just with BOTTOM stone brick slab. There...
  14. Tinkot

    Solved functions cannot be used (only while starting my server)?

    when i reload my skript it work just fine. when i start or restart my server it says it can't be used. Using Skript 2.2 Fixes V9 Mirreski's fixes (for spigot 1.8). Maybe there are newer versions of Mirreski's fixes?, this one is the only one i found [12:35:48] [Server thread/INFO]: [Skript]...
  15. K

    Play sound not working

    Hello. Not working :( Warning: Doc: Version Spigot 1.9 Skript 2.2 bensku-dev33 from Skellett 1.9.0e from Config file of Skellett was created, I did not touch it. Any ideas?
  16. L

    Get only numbers of send message on chat

    someone could help me? i try get the only numbers of message sended on the chat for set in a variable help me pls i try put if only message is a integer but not works i tip a integer and he tells me that put a integer number but i put a integer number on chat: if...
  17. A

    help MySQL ERROR

    hi help MySQL ERROR 24.01 22:49:03 [Server] ERROR database error: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction 24.01 22:48:53 [Server] ERROR database error: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction 24.01 22:48:43 [Server] ERROR database error...
  18. S

    Solved Error melded my console too. What to do?

    Hello dear SkUnity, I've been using this error for a long time, which is in my console, and that annoys me a little since my console is always spit on it, now I would like to know what you can do there because I have already tried new script versions but nothing has worked. I hope you can help me.
  19. J

    My skript coding

    Hi I have a problem with my forum scripts, because when I went in and rebooted my server, so it happened that all my encoding error, stand there and ingame it is total fucket up. Hope to in can help me to resolve this problem, because I do not know what the problem could be. By Jacob Jørgensen
  20. T

    Problem with Skript, SkQuery and SkRayFall

    Hi! I have problem, when I download Skript, SkQuery or SkRayFall newest versions to my server they are not working. Skript will not generate folder where I can put scripts and when i do /plugins, there are not those plugins. Few days ago they worked perfectly, but it...