My skript coding

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Jan 27, 2017
Hi I have a problem with my forum scripts, because when I went in and rebooted my server, so it happened that all my encoding error, stand there and ingame it is total fucket up. Hope to in can help me to resolve this problem, because I do not know what the problem could be.

By Jacob Jørgensen
Read the errors?

In case you were wondering you cant cancel a command event..

Please upload your skript to and link it in here and I might fix it.
Let me give you a small explanation of the skript errors:

Such an error occurs if you have something written in your skript code that skript or any adon can't understand.
Then skript is showing in which script and line the code is it can't understand

Cant understand the condition/effect "set the name of tree to tree" ( line: 3

And now it's your job to go to the skript and the line and check what's wrong.

Often such massive errors are caused by an spigot update and an adon that can't work with the new spigot version. So check your console log and have a look. May you also can send the latest log in here :emoji_slight_smile:

Hope I could help
Not open for further replies.