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  1. Runakai

    Solved Shop

    Yeah, it's me again. So.. on inventory click: if event-inventory is not player's inventory: if name of player's current inventory is "&cErze": cancel event if clicked slot is 9: close inventory of player make player...
  2. Runakai

    Solved Inventoryclick

    Hey! I was skripting my shop skript and everything is working fine, but: on inventory click: if name of player's current inventory is "&cShop": clicked slot is 10: cancel event wait 1 tick open chest with 3 rows named "&cBlöcke" to player...
  3. Runakai

    Solved TuSKe Clicktyp

    Hello, its me again :) I am struggling with making a shop skript where you can buy 1 item by leftclicking, selling 1 item by rightclicking an buying/selling 64 by shift+left/rightclicking. When i use the "On inventory click" event, the" shift" does not work. (Also no errors ingame and in the...
  4. EWS

    Offering EWS's Skript shop | Quality & performance

    EWS's Shop Hello. It's been a while, but I'm accepting commissions again. You can request a script or a Discord Bot through my Discord or email below. My services ▪ Skript development, ranging from a simple function to full server functionality; ▪ Functions and APIs for scripts; ▪ Discord bots...
  5. EWS

    InteractiveShop | Easily configurable shops! 1.1.3

    INTERACTIVESHOP ====================================== I do not provide support for this resource anymore. ===================================== Functionality This script resource allows you to create GUI shops with ease! Everything is configured in-game, and yet it's more powerful than most...
  6. SparrowPlayzSkript

    Player Locations GUI

    Category: Skript Suggested name: Player Locations GUI What I want: Ok so I need this for my Server, so a player types /cploc and it opens a menu with 6 rows, and when you type /cploc create it will put their head in the menu with the name of their "Warp", the description, and the coords. Also...
  7. I

    MenuGui Commands

    I'm making a Shopgui. i need to do 2 command but idk how rn i do it like this: command /foods: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "&5CakeFoodShop" to player wait 3 tick format slot 10 of player with 1 apple named "&432 Apple" with lore "&410 euro" to run "give...
  8. redbau

    My how are people stealing?!

    I've developed a chestshop Skript that sets a yaml variable (shop=true) when a player opens a chest shop, and then checks on inventory click to verify shop=true, but a very tiny few (3 so far) players have been able to bypass this and steal from my chest shop. Can anyone offer insight into how I...
  9. O

    Integer Greater Than Help

    So I am trying to make a shop and I have the players money stored in a variable and I want it to check if the player the variable is an integer is greater than a certain number. Here is my code: command /shop: trigger: open "CHEST" with 1 rows named "&9Shop" to the player...
  10. OldDogEyesCo

    Script Player Sign Shop 1.1

    This script allows players to make their shops in regions where they have access. They can then configure the shop however they want, and even enable/disable it at will. Feel free to give feedback, request features, and more. Just don't be rude about it, I'll be more likely to add the...
  11. WaxtzCraft

    Script ProximKitPvP v2.3

    Top kills Scoreboard Kits Stats Auto join Shop Items Achievements Config.yml and Messages.yml Top kills in signs! And more... /kitpvp or /kp - main command. /kitpvp join - Join to KitPvP. /kitpvp leave - Leave from KitPvP. /kitpvp stats - Shows your stats in a GUI. /kitpvp stats <player> -...