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  1. N

    Solved Shop Skript but how do i use list variables to add more than 1 item

    Ive made this skript however i can only have 1 item I would like to have more than 1 item in the shop from using the command but i don't know how to do this on right click on villager: if name of villager is "&6&lTestShop": set metadata tag "Shop-Test" of player to chest inventory with 2...
  2. S

    Skript that changes outcome of a command everyday

    I need a skript that changes the command that it executes every day. What i tried doing: command shoptest: trigger: make the player execute command "/testshop" wait 15 seconds command shoptest: trigger: make the player execute command "/testshop2" I know this...
  3. UntitledGaming

    custom variable shop not working

    i dont understand whats wrong because it doesnt send any errors it just doesnt work pls if you know a solution pls help on inventory click: if name of player's inventory is "&7&lKITPVP EXTRA ITEMS": if clicked slot is 13: cancel event if {balance::%player%}...
  4. T

    GUI Shop not working?

    Command /casino: trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "&4Køb poletter!" to player wait 1 tick format slot 10 of player with music disc pigstep named "&6Heldig polet" with lore "&bPris: &a$7500" format slot 12 of player with music disc strad named "&7Sølv...
  5. M

    My shop skript's buyable stuff (stone, logs, etc) not showing

    Skript Version: Skript 2.51 (dev20c) Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.16.3 --- Full Code: Code (Skript): command /gh: trigger: set {money::%uuid of player%} to 1000 command /gy: trigger: set {money::%uuid of player%} to 0 command /shop: trigger: open virtual...
  6. D

    Solved Can't compare 'line 1 of sign' with a text

    Hello, I having some issue on writing a skript for sign shop: on rightclick: block is a sign line 1 of sign is "[Shop]" player has 2 gold nuggets remove 2 gold nuggets from player give player 1 bread message "<light green>You bought a bread."...
  7. L

    /buy command

    Category: Shop Suggested name: shop command Spigot/Skript Version: latest What I want: When i do /buy (Item name) it will take the money from my balance and give me the item(with commands if possible). If I don't have the amount, it will simply message me that I don't have enough. No GUI...
  8. C

    Shop GUI

    I want a shop gui where people are able to buy and sell items: items to sell: coal ($20) iron ($100) items to buy: Coal Block named "&0&l&oCoal Generator" (buy for $500) Iron Block named "&f&l&oIron Generator" (buy for $2000)
  9. J

    Drag and Drop Sell GUI

    Hello, I'm trying to make a GUI when /sell is done. You are supposed to drag and drop the listed items then they will be sold and give the player the set money. Here's what I got so far, I get no errors, the GUI opens correctly but when I drop the items and close the GUI, nothing happens...
  10. A

    Shop Gui Permission help!

    Hey. I need help for my skript to work. It is a gui where u can buy kits, but i can't seem to make it work. Can u guys help me?? (I am new to skript, so please be gentle)
  11. GoldenStars14_YT

    Solved If player has x or more of item...

    I'm attempting to make a shop where the currency is gold ingots. I've attempted to put a leather helmet named "&8Weak Leather Helmet" into the system, but it didn't work. Here's the code: command /combatshop: trigger: if player is in world "Invasion": open chest inventory with 5...
  12. B

    GUI's and more with Skript? Help Please.

    Hello I would like to know if somebody can help me out... all I need is a simple shop GUI (that can be customizable) and a thing where I can pick up a block with right clicking (that also has a GUI I can pick up with) the reason I need to pickup certain blocks like that is because I have a gen...
  13. jeelzzz

    Solved Functions in GUIs using TuSKE

    I'm trying to make a shop gui, but it does not load the item in the gui because it does not return a value. My gui code: command /h: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with 6 rows named "&bShop" to player format gui slot 22 of player with steak named "&6Steak" with lore...
  14. R


    Heyho liebe Skript Community! Ich eröffne hiermit meinen Skript Shop (GERMAN) ihr könnt über Discord (RoaderIzzzDa#9666) anschreiben und euren Skript wunsch äußern je nach dem was das Skript kann wird es Free oder Kostenpflichtig sein. Jedes Skript wird exklusiv bleiben und an keine Dritten...
  15. Yodaylay22

    ✤ Yoda Skript Universe ✤

    Welcome to my universe! 【✸】A little about myself: I'm 17 years old, My name is Yodalay_22 or 99.99plus. I live in Brazil, My native language is portuguese, because of that I might not be able to speak english perfectly.. but nothing stops me from doing a good job ! I started messing with...
  16. ItsSniper

    ItsSniper's Skript Shop [Cheap]

    About Hello everyone! Thank you for showing interest in my skript shop. My name is ItsSniper, and I have been doing skript for roughly 2-3 years now. My first public resource was posted on Oct 11, 2016 to Spigot, and now has almost 3,000 total downloads! If you are interested in having a skript...
  17. Yodaylay22

    ✤ Yoda Skript Universe ✤ | Get UP TO 45% OFF in April ! | Working normally every day in 2019!

  18. S

    Script GUISHOP | All Items, Short Code, Sign Support 1.0.1

    Features - Guı Shop - Customize Category - Add new item's data code to yml is Add New Item To Shop :emoji_slight_smile: - Open Gui With Gui - Amounts Support 1 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64 - 128 - 256 - Sound Support Coming Soon - Your Think ( Share Idea With Me in Google Forms) Images Sıgn Shop...
  19. T

    Solved Player's money problem

    So, Iam making a shop gui with skript, but I have problem with "player's money". Example: This is working fine: format a gui slot 24 of player with glowing red glass named "&a&lFinance" with lore "&7Tvuj zustatek: &e%player's money%" But this is not working: set {_m} to player's money: Any...
  20. Runakai

    Solved Shop

    Yeah, it's me again. So.. on inventory click: if event-inventory is not player's inventory: if name of player's current inventory is "&cErze": cancel event if clicked slot is 9: close inventory of player make player...