ItsSniper's Skript Shop [Cheap]

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New Member
Feb 3, 2017
Hello everyone! Thank you for showing interest in my skript shop. My name is ItsSniper, and I have been doing skript for roughly 2-3 years now. My first public resource was posted on Oct 11, 2016 to Spigot, and now has almost 3,000 total downloads! If you are interested in having a skript done at a cheap price and timely manner, you have come to the right place.

I try to be as fair as I can for both myself and the buyer when it comes to pricing. I know that some people prefer solid prices instead of negotiation, therefore I am listing my prices below. If you want something done and believe my prices are unfair, please do not hesitate to contact me with a reason and we can negotiate if you would prefer that instead.
(Prices are based on the amount of time it takes for me to make a skript, and the amount of lines of code it has.)
● Small skript: Free - $3 (Generally 10 minutes - 1 day)
● Medium skript: $3 - $7 (Generally 30 minutes - 3 days)
● Large skript: $7 - $30 (Generally 1 day - 5 days)
Although I have set prices, if you request something too large, we may need to further negotiate pricing, and it may take longer to make.

What can I do?
I have done a lot of different types of skripts in the past. If you contact me with your idea, I can play around with it and let you know if it is something I will be able to do with good quality and performance.

How do I purchase?
If you're satisfied with that you have read above, then feel free to contact me either on here, or on discord: Sniper#0001 (I am most likely going to reply on discord way faster, due to notifications being enabled.)

When you reach out to me, please explain your skript idea in as much detail as possible. I will then give you an estimated quote, and we can further discuss it from there.

Are your skripts optimized?
I am a server owner myself, so I realize how important TPS and optimization are. I will try everything I can to optimize your skript to perform at the best it can. I fully test it in my test server, so you will not be given an untested skript.

Will you fix bugs or add new features?
I will fix any bug reported for up to 2 weeks. This should give you enough time to find any bugs that my skript may contain in a timely manner. If you find bugs any later than this period, I will still try my best to fix them if I believe that I have the time to do so, but no guarantees. As for new features, unless it is a minor feature, we can negotiate a small fee for them to be added.

How do final payments work?
There are two options you can choose from:
1. Unlike some other shops, I do not require ANY payment up front. I will completely make the skript for free. After I make it, you will be shown the final product on my test server. Once finished to your liking, you can then submit the full payment via paypal and I will give you the skript's file(s)
2. You can pay 50% up front in good faith, and then I will create the skript. Then, I can either show you it on the test server, or send you screenshots. Then you pay the last 50% once it is finished to your liking and I send you the skript's file(s)

Do you have a portfolio?
I currently have 2 public plugins on spigot. If you would like links to them, feel free to contact me.

I have further questions about how this works, where do I ask?
You can ask as many questions as you want. If you want to ask a question, send me a PM on here.

Why are you doing paid skripts?
I know some people look down upon paid skripts. And I completely respect your opinion, but please keep the negativity out of this thread. I am doing this to help fund my network and website, while helping out other server owners bring custom content to their players.

What are your rules?
I'd like to say I am a laid back person when it comes to development. All I ask is for you to be respectful and not act toxic in any way. I plan on treating you with respect, so I wish for that treatment in return. If you're obnoxious or rude, I may deny working with you.

What languages can you do?
At the moment, I can only fluently speak Enligsh. Therefore I will only do English skripts.
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