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Offering Paid ✤ Yoda Skript Universe ✤

Discussion in 'Offering' started by Yodaylay22, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Yodaylay22

    Yodaylay22 Member

    Jul 24, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to my universe!

    【✸】A little about myself:

    I'm 17 years old, My name is Yodalay_22 or 99.99plus. I live in Brazil, My native language is portuguese, because of that I might not be able to speak english perfectly.. but nothing stops me from doing a good job !

    I started messing with Skript just for fun, I feel free when I think of something and I can put it into practice... I really like to create new systems and game modes. I know I do jobs well when people asked me "How did you do it?", "Very good this system, I never thought it would be possible"

    【✸】A little about my job:

    Usually whenever I want to advertise a job or just show it I put it on my youtube channel, there you can see a little how it is my job.


    【✸】A little about my Skripts:

    When i code, I always try to create something that has never been done before... In all my code, I try to make it as simple as possible and the most efficient at the same time, I like to be direct in what I am doing ... Before starting to write the codes I like to imagine what would be the best form for me to reach my goal. I always like to research what I'm to develop ...

    【✸】 Prices:

    I usually evaluate the price for the time and complexity of the project ... my prices are not high, I just look for the fair and always find a middle ground between me and the customer!


    Discord: Yodaylay_22#2802
    Twitter: @yuri_eloi
    E-mail: [email protected]

    【✸】Terms of use:

    ❶ You must pay 50% of the amount before and 50% after I finish work.
    ❷ I'll give you all support and help for up to 1 month!
    Do not be toxic and do not try to scam me.

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