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Jan 26, 2017
EWS's Shop
Hello. It's been a while, but I'm accepting commissions again. You can request a script or a Discord Bot through my Discord or email below.

My services
▪ Skript development, ranging from a simple function to full server functionality;
▪ Functions and APIs for scripts;
▪ Discord bots (made in either Vixio or Java, using JDA);
▪ Discord server configuration;

I will not accept positions in servers, unless they are remunerated.
I might accept projects for free, as long they're interesting to make.

About me

I have vast experience in Skript, and Minecraft servers in general. You can take a look at my portfolio to check.

▪ I tend not to hard code functionalities. If you want to customize, you'll be able to.
▪ My scripts are usually YAML based, most things will be configurable.
▪ I'm always thinking about performance, analyzing how many milliseconds each trigger takes.

The prices vary a lot depending on what's requested. Depending on the client, smaller details usually take a lot of time to be developed, which is the reason why I am not giving base prices, like I was before.

▪ I am only able to accept payments in PayPal.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to make a request, contact me by:
Discord: EWS#7244
Email: [email protected]
PM in skUnity:


Utilities for Skript, like converting from/to roman numerals, regular expressions, variable sorting and much more.

Skript challenge submission
Gets a cuboid of blocks between two locations.

Crates animation
This is a private project.

Body part hitboxes & custom items
Checks in which body part the player hit, and calculates damage accordingly.

Advanced tab completion based on yaml. Available in Skript Chat's Discord.
        - 'testing'
        - 'checking'
        - '(lookup)->([materials])'
        - '(a, b, c, d)->(1, 2, 3, 4)->(!, @, %, *)'
        - '(d, e, f, g)->(!, @, %, *)->(1, 2, 3, 4)'
        - '(bob, john, jesus)->(marley, watson, christ)->(weed, sherlock, god)'
        - 'lulz'
        - '(dayum, sup)->([players], test)'

Clan map

Terms of service

1. You must pay 50% before, and 50% after the script is done.
2. No reselling. Redistributing for free is fine.
3. You will have 1 month of free support after the resource is delivered, with bug fixes and anything else needed.
4. Don't expect instant support. In the worst case, I'll probably reply within 24 hours.
5. No refunds/chargebacks. The only exception is when I'm unable to deliver the script. In such case I'll issue a refund in PayPal with no further issues.

Best regards,

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Huge vouch for EWS! He has made some quality skripts for us and always helps with any issues that may arise after certain Skript & addon updates.
My shop is now reopened. I am now accepting Skript, bots and configuration commissions.
Be sure to contact me if you need anything!

Best regards,