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  1. Palgia

    Script SkItemCreator - ✅ Create custom items ✅ MythicsMobs, ItemsAdder & More! 1.9.1

    Create custom items, armor-sets, with a lot of parameters! Addons required: SkBee, Skript-reflect, Skript-yaml Optional plugins: MythicMobs, ItemsAdder, AdvancedEnchantments Optional skripts: SkRPG Wiki here API Docs here PLEASE READ: A lot of changes are coming in 1.21 with NBT tags. When...
  2. C

    Mine Tiers

    So im making a RPG server and im making mines. I need a command that the player can execute only once this is my code: command /minetier buy: permission: skript.minebuy1 trigger: if {_hasBought::%uuid of player%} is not set: if player's balance >= 10000...
  3. Palgia

    Script ⚔ SkRPG - Create RPG Stats ! ✅ +15 Pre-made stats ✅ Fully customizable ✅ Easy API ✅ & More ! 1.3

    What is SkRPG ? If you want to create your perfect RPG server with customized statistics, this Skript is made for you! This script will manage the statistics 100% for you. Use the commands and functions to develop your server without worrying about the rest. Dependencies: Skript 2.8, SkBee...
  4. T

    New MMORPG Project Server

    Hello, I come to introduce you to my new project that I have been working on for almost 2 months by myself. it is a new MMORPG different server as it is pve and pvp at the same time (including safe zones like cities...), I mean you can explore and farm the entire world fighting with all the...
  5. V

    armor update

    Hey, I doing a rpg server so I did a stats for the armor that updates every tick but if I drop the armor from my armor slots it takes like 10 seconds to upadate... anything that I missing? every 1 tick: loop all players: #defence if loop-player's helmet is not air...
  6. E

    Help Skript: if player's balance is more than or equal to

    Hi, I have encountered an error that I cannot understand in my script ERROR: [04:04:16 WARN]: Empty configuration section! You might want to indent one or more of the subsequent lines to make them belong to this section or remove the colon at the end of the line if you don't want this line to...
  7. N

    Weapon Level RNG on drop + Player Level (?)

    Category: Levelling, RPG, Weapons Suggested name: Equipment Level RNG to Player Level Calculator Spigot/Skript Version: Most recent. What I want: The title is hard to understand, so I will do my best to describe what I'm requesting. Rather than having fixed, set levels on each armorpiece...
  8. Turb032

    RPG Mob's behavior

    Hi guys, i'm tryna make RPG mobs: When i hit a mob (zombie) it will check if the player is near or far from the damaged mob. When it checks that, if the attacker is in an area of 5 blocks around victim, it'll be the same thing (the mob hits the attacker) but, if the player is 5 blocks far from...
  9. ScienceTeamKevin

    Set Attribute Data on mob drop and hide

    Hello! Im not really new to skript, but still need help on this. How do you attribute data to an item, and then hide that attribute? This is so i can put the armor value in the lore. for example, #im using the minehut tutorial on this. If you have a better solution, have at it On death: if...
  10. G

    invisable mobspawner

    Hey guys, i have a quetsion i just started skripting and would like to find out how to spawn mobs with skript. i want the mob to have a name and armor.
  11. D

    Please help me :(

    Hi, I making RPG server (Czech Server) and this command not function :( on rightclick: if player is holding sugar named "&2test": message "&f" to player message "&7>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> &f&lMONSTER RPG &7<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<" to player message "&f" to player message...
  12. L

    Rpg mob spawning

    i am trying to make a mmoRpg server plugin but i'm stuck at spawning mobs can someone help me. i want to spawn zombie's on a random location if you are in a specific region this is what i have now please help command /Rpg.mob <text> [<integer>]: permission: Admin trigger...
  13. Dabriel

    Solved Inventory list (Detect, Add to list, if the item is, give back)

    Alright, so I'm trying to create this really cool feature on my server. It's not happening tho. I'm a beginner in Skript so I need help. Why not create this Skript together? So what I have in mind, is making some kind of blacksmith. So it's a GUI, obv. The first row until slot 7, should be...
  14. Dabriel

    Solved On pickup event|Count the amount of items

    Hello, fellow scripters, I'm new here, so my name is Dabriel (Tyler), and I'm looking for a solution for this feature that I'm trying to create. Simply, on pick up of emerald named "&aGem", I want to send a message to the player that picked the item up, and tell him the amount that he picked up...
  15. R

    Set dmg to values over 5k

    Hey guys, so updated my server to 1.12 and found out, that "damage victim by {_dmg}" (ofc in on damage event) will set the attacker to "<none>" when the entity is killed. In 1.8 and 1.9 it was OK. If i use "make attacker damage victim by {_dmg}" then the script will infinitely repeat itself ->...
  16. Hobbes

    The Novex Network

    The Novex Network is a Minecraft multi-game-mode server. We're starting out as a server that provides a custom coded MMORPG game-mode for Minecraft 1.12+. We plan to add Minigames, Classic Prisons, Kit PvP, and a game-mode of Factions. Everything we plan to do it with the help of our...
  17. M

    Book Teleport

    Category: RPG Suggested name: BookTpSK What I want: i am looking for a script which spawns a book with a colored name and lore which can be editable that teleports you to said location, it being spawn or a warp, and when used it disappears from the players inventory. Preferably using a...
  18. Epicskymi

    Script Rpg Mob Health Bar 1.2

    Adds a hologram health bar for mob's with customization options Add your own style's and change the length of the bar Gif: https://i.imgur.com/kTEpJDq.gifv Styles: Requires: -Skquery -Skrayfall -Skellett -Holographic Displays Only tested in 1.12.1 should work with anything 1.9+ I will...
  19. WaxtzCraft

    LethalGames 1.8.x a 1.11.x - [Survival, UHC Simulator & Murder(Garrys Mod o TTT)]

    ★ LethalGames Network ★ ★ ¿About us? ★ We are LethalGames a server dedicated to PvP and adventure, approximately 2 months ago online. ★ ¿How can I enter? ★ Easy, you can enter from versions 1.8 to the most current versions (1.11) using our ip: mc.lethalg.us ★ ¿The server is non-premium...
  20. NkoRikusen

    How to make Levels

    Hi, I want make level. I was search it but i wasn't find. I want idea or script which you throw your script to me.