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  1. F

    Request - Death Packages Skript

    I am on Paper Velocity 1.18.2. I also am on Skript 2.8.3, with some addons such as SkQuery (V4.1.10), and SkBee (V3.2.1) I would like the skript to make it so whenever a person dies, it drops a chest and when you right click with all their loot that they died with gets put in your inventory. I...
  2. Tewahh

    Custom Enchants Request & Help

    command /ce: aliases: /customenchants, /customenchant, /enchants trigger: set {_item} to gray stained glass pane set {_enchantmentsList} to book named "&eList Of All The Enchants" set line 1 of lore of {_enchantmentsList} to "" set {_commonEnchant} to book...
  3. Epo___

    Wither Impact ability

    So I'm looking for code that makes a wooden shovel teleport you forwards 10 blocks, whilst making an explosion that only damages other players, not the person who executes it. (Right click ability) I know the basics of it, but I can't figure out the rest. When I'd like it by: Within a week of...
  4. C

    Homes GUI (Request) (Advanced Skripters Only)

    Category: Homes Gui Suggested name: VirtualHomes What I want: I want a homes gui that would open up a gui like the picture provided, and when you click on one of the dyes itll create a home that you can teleport to on right click, and rename on right click. And also with a delete home gui...
  5. H

    RTP Skript

    I am requesting an RTP script that will teleport you randomly to the world "world" even if you are in another world, (My spawn is in the world "spawn"). I would also like it to take 5 seconds before you teleport while if you move or get damaged during that time it will cancel, I would also like...
  6. X

    Can anyone skript me a donut smp spawner skript

    I recently learnt how to skript like 1month ago i understand it but this is still way to hard for if u think u can help hit me up either post the code here or add me on discord :D ClippedByVull#7693
  7. D

    Packet cooldown function

    Packet cooldown function I very much did try to make this on my own but could not figure it out, so I decided to reach out to you folks What I want: I just want a function that uses skript-packet's packet system and use "set cooldown" packet to execute a overlay on any item like...
  8. P

    Reqn Discord Webhook <none> Variable

    I used reqn addon and tried to do a new project with the involvement of discord webhooks. command /post:test: trigger: set {_custom} to "something" wait a second send a "post" request to "" with the body "content=Test this var...
  9. C

    When You break...

    I need a skript. Whenm you break cobweb with water drops get cleared
  10. S

    Request PVP Toggle

    I've seen a few pvp toggle skripts for admins to turn it on and off for all players. But I've been trying to find one which individual players can toggle it on off for themselves, does anyone have a skript for this or if its not to much trouble to make one?
  11. G


    Hi everyone! Im want to make a point leaderboard. I dont know how to do that, Maybe you know, so please if you can, make it! Thanks! My points var: {%player%.points}
  12. G

    Solved Please help me with this! I need it!

    Hey! Im making a clicker type server, where if you kill mobs, you get multi. Here comes the part that i need you to code. I want to make like gens wich you place down, it will start spawning mobs. Many thanks if you can make it!
  13. G

    Can someone skript this for me? Please

    Im making a pvp game, where you can buy cobwebs. And you place it down, i want to remove it after 20 seconds so its not staying there forever. Its block block decay. Can someone do it?
  14. N

    I need The Skript that limit each player to place all type of concrete at once with permissions

    I Need The Skript that limit each player to place all type of concrete at once with permissions and all of the concretes in one permission example: concretes.limit.The Limit Number also something in scoreboard that show how much concrete player can place like 0/10 on scoreboard and if player...
  15. D

    Minions Skript

    Catergory: Spells/Minions Suggested Name: I don't mind go nuts What I want: To put it simple, just an item that spawns any monster (I can change to which I want since I know basic skript) that will target other mobs, but not players. If you can, maybe an armor set with a bonus when all 4 pieces...
  16. M

    Fireball wand with custom damage

    Category: Uhh idk Suggested name: Fireball Wand Spigot/Skript Version: 1.16.4 What I want: A wand that shoots fireballs and deals custom damage to mobs when it hits also if possible make it so it does not deal damage to players.. Ideas for commands: /fireballwand to get the wand as a op Ideas...
  17. Orangesanta8415

    Solved Oops

    Accidentally did this.
  18. B

    Solved Blacklist skript

    Hello! I am looking for a blacklist skript which: - bans the player's IP - has a custom kick screen (doesn't show the default "You are banned from this server...") Thank you!
  19. A

    Players can only place tnt in region

    Hi, I wrote my very first skript today on a collaborative server with a lot of people who know more than me, but they're all offline for a while lol I'd like for non-op players to not be able to place any block other than tnt in the region "PeasantVillage." Help would be much appreciated!
  20. H

    Auction House Skript

    I'm in need of a skripted auction house where everything is done in a gui. The gui would have pages, containing items, the cost of the item and the seller. Item would stay in the auction house for 24 hours. By default players can only put 1 item in the auction house at a time. But the maximum...