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  1. B

    How to allow pvp only one person by command in worldguard protected area

    Hy! Could somebody help me write a scricpt which allows pvp only for one person who use command in a worldguard protected area
  2. T

    New MMORPG Project Server

    Hello, I come to introduce you to my new project that I have been working on for almost 2 months by myself. it is a new MMORPG different server as it is pve and pvp at the same time (including safe zones like cities...), I mean you can explore and farm the entire world fighting with all the...
  3. N

    Spawn blocker

    so I want a skript so when you get in combat you can not enter back into spawn i have a combat tag skript i made but idk if you need it ill just put it here it needs to work 1.17 on damage: if attacker is a player: set {combat::%attacker's uuid%} to now set...
  4. FistoF

    [Hiring] [TEMP] Minigame script

    I'm working on a Star Wars-themed Minecraft server that needs a minigame script based on Ewok Hunt game mode from Battlefront II video game. Minecraft version 1.19. Offering: $20 after you demonstrate the minigame working on you server by playing a round with me. Contact me: Discord...
  5. sluhtie

    ClashRoyale, Clash of Clans and Idle Miner Tycoon (COMBO)

    )----------------------------------------[ CLASHROYALE ]----------------------------------------( Hey adventurer! Looking for something that you have never experienced before on minehut? Then this is may be interesting for you. ClashRoyale is a project I'm working on. I wanted to create...
  6. S

    PvP in a certain region

    I wish to make the player run /pvp if their pvp status is set to "yes" (so their pvp is enabled after getting disabled by PvP manager). My code doesn't give any errors. The version is minecraft 1.18.1. The region is called arena and is already marked out by worldguard with pvp on. When I do...
  7. 8

    Script Basic PvP Toggle 1.9

    Literally the most simple pvp toggle skript that you can make. Only command is /togglepvp which waits 5 seconds before enabling pvp or 5 seconds before disabling pvp. If you have any improvements that I could make, Please contact me on discord Reassignment#3642 or Tr3nd1ngT0p1c#5519
  8. B

    Solved PvP TempDisabler

    I want a skript that disables pvp for a certain player for a certain amount of seconds. Like the player that was mentioned will not be able to hit anyone that's what I mean, but can get hit. Like a command /StopHitEventForPlayer [player] [seconds]
  9. I

    Skript Request: Craft or Die

    Category: Minigame-ish, pvp Suggested name: Craft or Die Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5 What I want: I will try my best to explain this minigame. It's quite interesting actually. Craft or Die [Explanation of minigame] Craft or die is a minigame where players will be transported into a random...
  10. FrostPVP™️

    Solved I need a combat log skript

    Uh I need a custom combat log skript for my server - They get warned: make console execute command: warn %player% Combat Log - When they get /killed when combat log: broadcast "&d&lBedr0ck&5&lPVP &8>> &e(player that combat logged) &chas Combat Logged" - when they come back into the game and...
  11. W


    Category: Combat Suggested name: AntiLogout Spigot/Skript Version: 1.16.1 PaperMC Newest What I want: AntiLogout - When you start fightning with other players you can't leave for 30 seconds. When you leave during this time, when you log again you will be killed automatically. I also want the...
  12. J

    Solved Teleport on death event instead of dying.

    I've got this so far, but the victim is not teleported back to spawn. It just cancels the death event and can keep on "dying". on death: attacker is a player if victim is a player: cancel event add 15 to the attacker's account teleport victim to location at (25, 98, 5) in...
  13. HowTragicMate

    Fantasy rock, paper, scissors

    Category: Mini-game Suggested name: Wizard's Duel Minecraft version: Skript 1.16+ Skript version: Skript 2.6.3 or newer What I want: Rock, Paper, Scissors game with extra steps. All players have Tickets that can be used to challenge other players by right clicking on a opponent with it. If...
  14. Jonathan Cohen

    Kill leaderboard

    Category: Leaderboards Spigot/Skript Version: Latest What I want: A proper description. A top 3 killers leaderboard https://ibb.co/HXNXZ1s Ideas for commands: none Ideas for permissions: none When I'd like it by: A reasonable time
  15. T

    Automatic Shield

    Category: PvP Suggested name: Automatic Shield Spigot/Skript Version: 1.8 What I want: What I would like to do is that with a music disc I can automatically create a crystal dome around you Ideas for commands: I dont need commands for this skript
  16. G

    Solved Need PvpDisable Skript

    Category: Pvp Suggested name: ItemDisabler Spigot/Skript Version: Spigot 1.13.2 What I want: I need a script, which only allow you to pvp if you hit someone with a sword or bow. Ideas for commands: Uhm, not necessery, but maybe /itemdisabler allow/deny (allows you to set the skript on/off for...
  17. S

    Solved Hit event

    Hi there Is there an event like this? When i hit a player: I can't use the docs it doesn't tell me anything :( Thanks in advance
  18. Safeen azad

    Script ✦FreeForAll [Bungeecord, Shared] ✦ Beta 1.0

    About: Hey guys my name is "Safeen" i live from Iraq i've started codding skript 2 months ago and its my first skript Hope you like it! Sorry for my bad english! All commands are clickable, all commands got it self sound, join&leave > title+subtitle+message+sound, shop with special items...
  19. SpinKnight

    Solved Reward every 40 kills?

    I was wondering if it was possible to give a reward every like 40 kills, just like money or something. And by not doing like : if {killtest.%player%} is "40" and "80" and so on... I was wondering if there was an easier way, if its just the same reward every 40 kills. SpinKnight
  20. SpinKnight

    Solved How to replace <none> with 0?

    command /score [<Offline player>]: Trigger: If arg-1 is not set: Display board named "&3 &3 &b&lSpin&c&lFactions&3 &3" to player Make score of "&1" in board of player to 10 Make score of "&aOnline:" in board of player to 9 Make score of...