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  1. Safeen azad

    Script ✦FreeForAll [Bungeecord, Shared] ✦ Beta 1.0

    About: Hey guys my name is "Safeen" i live from Iraq i've started codding skript 2 months ago and its my first skript Hope you like it! Sorry for my bad english! All commands are clickable, all commands got it self sound, join&leave > title+subtitle+message+sound, shop with special items...
  2. SpinKnight

    Solved Reward every 40 kills?

    I was wondering if it was possible to give a reward every like 40 kills, just like money or something. And by not doing like : if {killtest.%player%} is "40" and "80" and so on... I was wondering if there was an easier way, if its just the same reward every 40 kills. SpinKnight
  3. SpinKnight

    Solved How to replace <none> with 0?

    command /score [<Offline player>]: Trigger: If arg-1 is not set: Display board named "&3 &3 &b&lSpin&c&lFactions&3 &3" to player Make score of "&1" in board of player to 10 Make score of "&aOnline:" in board of player to 9 Make score of...
  4. LamboCreeper

    Collateral Network | Upcoming server looking for beta testers.

    Collateral Network DISCORD | TWITTER About Collateral Network is an upcoming Minecraft Mini Game Network which is fully developed with Skript by myself, @MFN, @Laika, @LuckyBowers, @maeyrl and more. We are currently looking for beta testers who are able to help us refine our games to the best...
  5. S

    Hotbar saves

    So I'm trying to have people use custom hotbars and to configure it themselves. This is what I have so far, and the hotbars won't save at all. Any help? What I have: https://pastebin.com/pK6C5idS
  6. Adrihun

    Solved a

  7. WaxtzCraft

    Script ProximKitPvP v2.3

    Top kills Scoreboard Kits Stats Auto join Shop Items Achievements Config.yml and Messages.yml Top kills in signs! And more... /kitpvp or /kp - main command. /kitpvp join - Join to KitPvP. /kitpvp leave - Leave from KitPvP. /kitpvp stats - Shows your stats in a GUI. /kitpvp stats <player> -...