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  1. S

    Solved How to send a variable in chat?

    Hello everyone! I'm working on skill upgrade and I need to see how many xp I have, but I don't know how to send variables in chat :( command /alchemy_xp: trigger: send "{%player%_alchemy_level}" to the player send "{%player%_alchemy_max}" to the player send...
  2. S

    Solved Dead Horn Corals

    Hello! I have a really strange problem: I have a command that gives you some corals, but sometimes it gives you dead corals! Here's the script: command /grass: trigger: give player 5 horn coral fan named "&eShiny Grass" with lore "&fA Magical herb that emits &ecalming light&f."...
  3. G

    Execute skript the entire time that more than 15 players are online.

    This is for a random item drop skript. I want to make sure that it only works while the server is active, with more than 15 players online, I've looked for a while but can't seem to find anything that works properly. every 3 minutes: execute console command "consolecommand" stop...
  4. T

    Selected hotbar slot

    Hello, I have a problem with the set current hotbar slot of player to 0, the problem is that it doesn't works and in reload its says that the hotbar slot of player can't be set to 0 because the latter is not an slot
  5. S

    What is wrong with this?

    command /cointop: aliases: /ct cooldown: 10 seconds cooldown bypass: sk.admin trigger: set {_sorted::*} to sorted indices of {stats::balance::*} in descending order send "&6&lCoin Top:" loop 5 times: set {_p} to {_sorted::%loop-value%} parsed...
  6. B

    Solved How to make throwable fireballs?

    [ SOLVED ] Hello, I have made a skript that should throw a fireball when I right click. The skript doesn't work sadly. If anyone can help it would be very nice! Here is the working skript: on rightclick holding a fire charge: remove 1 fire charge named "&fFireball" from player's inventory...
  7. Denloself

    same code, differnt result (hex code)

    i am trying to make hex code being uncoloured (i know the correct format in skript should be <##hexcode>) and then i found out it was not working, when i am trying to debug it, i found out i used two exact same code and and differnt result i used essentialsx and essentialsx chat, i am not sure...
  8. T

    Solved [PROBLEM] Skript & ViaVersion ERROR

    Skript is not work with ViaVersion. My server's Spigot version is 1.13.1 I need stable version of skript for my server. And some another ways if you have. NOW IT'S VERY IMPORTANT!
  9. C

    Find Nearest Person

    Line 8: I need an expression similar to that. command /eventstart: permission: "event.admin" trigger: loop players in radius 200 of {eventpos}: set {target} to loop-player if {target} is set: set {eventpos} to location at (0, 4, 0) in...
  10. W

    check lore number

    Hello, i need help i tried to check the number of my item lore on damage: victim is a living entity if attacker is a player: attacker is holding a sword set {_lore::*} to attacker tool split by "||" #this one the problem loop {_lore::*}: set...
  11. I

    Help on Gen Skript

    I have a generator skript that works like a charm, it works like how you want it to work. But there's a problem. The part of the skript that allows the owner to be able to remove the generator (and only the owner who have placed the generator) is kinda broken. It was working fine when i was...
  12. T

    Tuske error help

    ok so i am trying to make thing gui thin but it either wont accept my command or it will and not show the clickable item in the gui help!! here is my code command /Vehicle: aliases: /cars permission: permission message: &7[&4Rusty&7] &6You Dont Have Persmission! trigger...
  13. A

    Skbee not working

    My skbee is not working, and when i execute my code it says internal error my flavour is paperspigot tho. it cannot run any code after: set {enchants::%{_player}%::*} to stored enchants of {%{_a}%::%{_player}%} I need some help and if u can help i would appreciate i
  14. J

    Skript and Mods

    Hello everybody, i have a problem with a script. Whenever someone is killed, the message should be sent to the killer and the killed. In addition, the variable should be increased. My problem is that I have a server with mods and rifles and if a player is killed with a rifle then he was killed...
  15. KingDooms

    Solved Right click a specific item to trigger something

    So in a server im making, there will be given 3 keys/tripwire hooks... each one is supposed to teleport to a different area. There called "Axe Shop Key", "Sword Shop Key" and "Bow Shop Key". But i want so when the player right clicks the specific key, it will go to the type of shop, but it...
  16. I

    Solved Skript question, please read my description.

    Hey guys, I am a mostly beginner skript user, and I have a problem. If "player1" writes the captcha code, he is able to unlock player2's captcha code too. Can I solve this problem anyhow? On join: if player's name is "player1" or "player2": set {captcha::check} to true wait 3...
  17. D

    Solved Can't compare 'line 1 of sign' with a text

    Hello, I having some issue on writing a skript for sign shop: on rightclick: block is a sign line 1 of sign is "[Shop]" player has 2 gold nuggets remove 2 gold nuggets from player give player 1 bread message "<light green>You bought a bread."...
  18. H

    Solved help me with my puzzle

    command /addblocks: trigger: loop all blocks in radius 10 around player: if loop-block is red wool: add location of loop-block to {red::*} broadcast "%{red::*}%" else if loop-block is white wool: add location of...
  19. J

    [Solved] Skrayfall's Scoreboard ID

    Hello there, i have a problem: There is this error at my Scoreboard: Here is my Script: Thanks for help Jan Treinzen Does anyone now help?
  20. I

    problem with skript plugin

    When i type /skript it keeps responsding /skript help the same thing with /sk can somebody help me out Server log: C:\Users\TheWi\Desktop\Minecraft server>java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true *** Error, this build is outdated *** *** Please download a new build as per instructions...