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Jan Treinzen

New Member
Aug 2, 2020
Hello everybody,

i have a problem with a script. Whenever someone is killed, the message should be sent to the killer and the killed. In addition, the variable should be increased. My problem is that I have a server with mods and rifles and if a player is killed with a rifle then he was killed by the rifle and not the player.

Can you fix this somehow.

Many greetings


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Currently when I open this file, it shows up completely empty. Do you have a code that you have set up or are you looking for someone to make this for you?
My apologies, but I do not understand the language this is written in and am unable to help. One thing that you could maybe change to fix it is change %victim% to %player% instead maybe.

    if victim is a player:
        if attacker is a player:
            send "&2[Clash-Projekt] &bDu wurdest von &9%damager% getötet!" to victim
            send "&2[Clash-Projekt] &eDu verlierst deshalb &610&e Punkte." to victim
            send "&2[Clash-Projekt] &bDu hast &9%player%&b getötet!" to attacker
            send "&2[Clash-Projekt] &eDu bekommst deshalb &610&e Punkte." to attacker
            add 10 to {punkte.%attacker%}
on join:
    while {1} is true:
        set name of sidebar of player to "&2Clash-Projekt"
        set score "&9Name: " in sidebar of player to 4
        set score "&b%player%" in sidebar of player to 3
        set score "&5Punkte:" in sidebar of player to 2
        set score "&d%{punkte.%player%}%" in sidebar of player to 1
        wait 3 seconds
I didn't really expect it to, but it was my best attempt since I don't speak the language it is written in
Not open for further replies.