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  1. Rexu

    Gui dosen't work?

    GUI dosen't work in any skripts. Is GUI supported in 1.8.8? And can I fix it? skript ver: 2.2-dev36 TuSKe ver: 1.8.2 server spiggot: 1.8.8
  2. Rexu

    Solved problem "/skript help" in console

    when I write /skript or /sk it give me /skript help, when i write /skript help dosn't work too I use skript ver 2.5-alpha3 and server is 1.8.8
  3. T

    " Can't compare 'items within entity event-entity" with an item type"

    Skript gives an error: "Can't compare 'items within entity event-entity' with an item type (, line 7: items within entity event-entity is planks or stone brick or iron block or diamond block')" Script: on explode: set {explosion::%event-location%} to event-location wait 0.5...
  4. F

    Warp GUI - Dont work

    Skript version: 2.4-alpha3 Hello! It dont works and i dont know how to do it :emoji_frowning: Please help! #'''''''''''''''''''''''''' options: prefix: &c&lWARP&7 command /gsetwarp [<Text>]: permission: warp.set permission message: &8&l[&c&l!&8&l]&7 Nejsi opravnen! &8(warp.set)...
  5. Nikox

    Check if item has name

    Hi! Can I check if item has name? I have recently found out that Skript doesn't remove named items. It can be very abusable, for example: command /gold: trigger: if player has 9 gold ingot: remove 9 gold ingot from player's inventory give player 1 gold block...
  6. F

    Warp Menu

    Hello! I have problem, On my server i have 5 warps, but when i open the menu it teleports me to the warp that was last added. Please help! command /setwarp [<text>]: permission: warp.admin permission message: {@errorperm} trigger: if {@warp} is equal to 2: stop...
  7. deez nutz

    Solved jail player problem

    I am trying to aim towards constructing a script where i can /jail players and im new to this so i would like a solution to this i've tried both but nothing worked. on command "/jail": loop all players: teleport player to {jail} cancel event #command /jail <player>: #...
  8. H

    Solved Can't compare 'player's exp level' with an integer

    Hello, I am having a problem with skript. on click: if the 4th line of the lore of the player's tool is "&8Level 3": if player's level is lower or equal to 2: damage player by 5 hearts send "&c&lYou are not high enough level to use this item." to the player...
  9. D

    Trying to make a crates skript

    So I'm trying to make a skript for crates, and I wanted to make it so you can list all the crates that exist. I also wanted to list items inside crates. I'm not sure how to do this at all though... or if there is an easy way to make anything I already made. I just need help! options: prefix...
  10. T

    on death problem

    I have a problem,i want to make a jobs skript,but at tha job vanator(hunter) when i kill a zombie/cow/chicken/etc... i don't get any money,why? on death: if {jobs::%attacker%::job1} or {jobs::%attacker%::job2} or {jobs::%attacker%::job3} is "vanator": if attacker's gamemode is...
  11. Z

    Solved It doesn´t work :(

    It doesm´t work Please Help me
  12. E

    Problem with Create File

    Hello Guys, i have one problem. when i want to create a file: create file "plugins/Skript/scripts/bugs/bugs.%player%.yml" it says it is not a boolean yes/no i don't know what to do. Please Help :)
  13. Aidanete

    Which BossBarAPI I have to download to use it with Skript?

    Hello, I have a problem, I searched a lot for a good bossbarapi, but I don't know which to select because there are a lot. Also I want to know which skript addon can handle stuff with that bossbar plugin. what bossbar plugin and skript addon to use it you recommend me? Thank you. Skript...
  14. tom2090

    Solved Scoreboard won't delete

    Hello ! I post on this forum because it's the first time i encounter a problem with Skript. The problem is, when i configure a scoreboard to show, there's no problem. But when I try to wipe it, it just stay showed. I tried to delete the scoreboard file of all the maps (I use multiverse +...
  15. Aidanete

    Solved I had a problem with TuSKe GUIs and Permissions

    A day ago, I tried to use LuckPerms for my server, and was very cool and worked fine, anyway, I had a problem that when you execute a command from a TuSKe GUI when deopped, also when you have the permission to execute that command, it will not work, also I tried to use the command in chat and...
  16. J

    Solved On rightclick on a block

    Hello I'would like to know if it's possible do detect the name of the bloc where the player click like "on rightclick on item frame: if target name is "" message "hello" Something like that ?
  17. J

    Solved Make a location snowy

    Hello, I'm a beginner in development with Skript on Minecraft. Sorry for my bad english i'm not used to talk with this langage. So i've a snow block on my map and i woul'd like to create falling snow over the block but i tried so hard to found something but as i told u before i'm a beginner...
  18. W

    Solved Random slot choosing

    Hello everyone! Im Wiebie, and i got a little bit of an issue. I have been trying to make a skript for a lootchest that puts certain loot in the loop-block's inventory (The chest) But i cant put 1 thing down right, i want it to make it so that the items that are put in the chest, are put in...
  19. K

    2 types of arguments at same time?

    Hello i have a little problem, im making a custom command but there are different possiblities in my command that i need 2 types of arguments at the same time... Is this possible? Here is my skript; command /rekening [<text>] [<text> or <player>] [<number>]: trigger: if player is op...
  20. D

    Solved Custom Command has no output

    My problem is that when i use /number with the create arguement, the command returns nothing and it doesn't set a number for me. Skript Version: 2.2-dev34 Skript Author:Bensku Minecraft Version:1.12.2 --- Full Code: i removed the skript because someone already stole it in 1 day. Errors on...