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Warp Menu

Discussion in 'Skript' started by Famix, Nov 30, 2019.

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  1. Famix

    Famix New Member

    Jun 6, 2019
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    I have problem,
    On my server i have 5 warps, but when i open the menu it teleports me to the warp that was last added.
    Please help!
    Code (Text):
    1. command /setwarp [<text>]:
    2.     permission: warp.admin
    3.     permission message: {@errorperm}
    4.     trigger:
    5.         if {@warp} is equal to 2:
    6.             stop
    7.         if arg 1 is not set:
    8.             send "&b&lWARP &cNekde nastala chyba :("
    9.         if arg 1 is set:
    10.             set {warpssize::*} to size of {warps::*}
    11.             if {warpssize::*} is less than 54:
    12.                 if {warp.%arg 1%} is not set:
    13.                     add arg 1 to {warps::*}
    14.                     set {warp.%arg%} to player's location
    15.                     send "&b&lWARP &7Nastavil jsi warp!"
    16.                 else:
    17.                     set {warp.%arg%} to player's location
    18.                     send "&b&lWARP &7Nastavil jsi warp!"
    19.             else:
    20.                 send "&b&lWARP &cUz je moc warpu!"
    22. command /warp [<text>]:
    23.     trigger:
    24.         if {@warp} is equal to 2:
    25.             stop
    26.         if arg 1 is not set:
    27.             execute player command "/warps"
    28.         if arg 1 is set:
    29.             if {warp.%arg%} is set:
    30.                 teleport player to {warp.%arg%}
    31.                 send "&b&lWARP &7Warpnul jsi se &8(&6%arg 1%&8)"
    32.             else:
    33.                 send "&b&lWARP &cWarp neexistuje!"
    35. command /delwarp [<text>]:
    36.     permission: warp.admin
    37.     permission message: {@errorperm}
    38.     trigger:
    39.         if {@warp} is equal to 2:
    40.             stop
    41.         if arg 1 is not set:
    42.             send "&b&lWARP &cNekde nastala chyba :("
    43.         if arg 1 is set:
    44.             if {warp.%arg%} is set:
    45.                 remove arg 1 from {warps::*}
    46.                 delete {warp.%arg%}
    47.                 send "&b&lWARP &7Odstranil jsi warp &6%arg 1%"
    48.             else:
    49.                 send "&b&lWARP &cWarp neexistuje!"
    51. command /warps:
    52.     trigger:
    53.         if {@warp} is equal to 2:
    54.             stop
    55.         set {warpssize::*} to size of {warps::*}
    56.         if {warpssize::*} is greater than 0:
    57.             open chest with 6 rows named "&6&lWarp Menu" to player
    58.             wait 2 ticks
    59.             set {_list} to 0
    60.             loop {warps::*}:
    61.                 format slot {_list} of player with paper named "%loop-value%" with lore "&7Klikni na me pro port do &c%loop-value%" to close then run [make player execute "/warp %loop-value%"]
    62.                 add 1 to {_list}
    63.         else:
    64.             send "&b&lWARP &cNejsou zadne warpy!"
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