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  1. C

    script not working

    This script doesnt give me the chest?? on right click on sign: line 1 is "[Warp]": line 2 is "netherpvp": line 3 is "everyone": player command "warp netherpvp" give player chest named "&aKit Selector &7(Right Click)"
  2. F

    Warp GUI - Dont work

    Skript version: 2.4-alpha3 Hello! It dont works and i dont know how to do it :emoji_frowning: Please help! #'''''''''''''''''''''''''' options: prefix: &c&lWARP&7 command /gsetwarp [<Text>]: permission: warp.set permission message: &8&l[&c&l!&8&l]&7 Nejsi opravnen! &8(warp.set)...
  3. F

    Warp Menu

    Hello! I have problem, On my server i have 5 warps, but when i open the menu it teleports me to the warp that was last added. Please help! command /setwarp [<text>]: permission: warp.admin permission message: {@errorperm} trigger: if {@warp} is equal to 2: stop...
  4. N

    Solved can't make player execute command ""

    hello, I made a gui script, to open the chast it can, but inside it is nothing, how can the way to fill the chast and the block in the chast can be clicked to make the player execute the command ??? server Version : 1.14 skript version : Skript2.4-alpha3 Sorry for bed engglis :) Here is the...
  5. L

    Resquest gui with warps help

    Category: gui Suggested name: Lugares What I want: Hi!, i find create a warp gui but that is auto fill with warps createds (no essentials plugin with the skript) example: /setlugares test1 send message of the warp created and when put /lugares create a gui with the created warp Ideas for...
  6. SparrowPlayzSkript

    Player Locations GUI

    Category: Skript Suggested name: Player Locations GUI What I want: Ok so I need this for my Server, so a player types /cploc and it opens a menu with 6 rows, and when you type /cploc create it will put their head in the menu with the name of their "Warp", the description, and the coords. Also...
  7. Avaplays

    Script ★ sWarp (Player Warps) ★ UUID-Supported 1.1

    TESTED MINECRAFT VERSION: 1.8.* - 1.9.* MAYBE WORKS ON 1.10 TOO There aren't currently any donors yet. ★ Name Donated: 0.- Some words to say! Maybe a server address :D ★ EN This skript allows players on your server to create and manage their own warp points. ★ DE Dieses Skript...