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  1. Deegz

    Cancel Teleportation with Movement

    Hey there. I'm quite confused on how to cancel the teleportation when someone moves.. Here's the code. command testtp: aliases: tt, ttp trigger: wait 0.25 seconds console command "effect give %player% blindness 3 200" console command "effect give %player%...
  2. Sparkitye

    Teleporting Player (NEED HELP)

    How can I make a player teleport to a specific location when stepping on a block?
  3. O

    need to save the position before the player teleports

    I use multiverse core and when changing the world I need to save the position before the player teleports, for example the player is in world1 use the command to world2 and before teleporting save his last position in world1, how to do it? on player world change: wait 10 tick if player...
  4. Ali Tuna BAYLAN

    /tpa Skript

    Usage: /tpa [playername] command /tpa [<player>]: trigger: if arg-1 is set: if arg-1 is online: if {tpalist::*} contains arg-1: send "&a%arg-1% &falready have a tpa request pending." else: if arg-1 is...
  5. S

    How to teleport a player to a location

    I am a skript noob, so I want to ask this Current code : command /t: trigger: teleport player to "0, 60, 0"
  6. S

    Random TP

    Hey, I am trying to make a /trp command which will teleport you anywhere within 10k blocks of spawn. Here is what I have command /tpr: description: Teleports you to a random area in your world permission: dh.tpr permission message:&cYou are unable to use this command trigger...
  7. N

    script works sometimes and sometimes doesn't work?!?

    my script works in between and in between doesn't work, even if i don't make any changes in between how it's possible or i don't realize something. on portal enter: wait 1 ticks if world is "Server": if {survival::%player's uuid%} is set: teleport player to...
  8. C

    Solved Entity teleport not working

    I'm trying to teleport a silverfish to some coords, and it's not giving any errors, but it doesn't work. here is my code: command fight: trigger: teleport silverfish to location(970, 48, -22, world) it works when I put player but not anything else
  9. J

    Void Teleport Command

    How do you make a skript that runs when the player is under a certain y level. I don't mean "y coord of player" because that is an expression. I want a y coord event that lets me trigger code that teleports them to spawn. Is this possible?
  10. B

    I am re-making bridge duels from hypixel

    basically, I want it so when {player.1} dies, it cancels the event and teleports them to (231, 152, -195, world). right now (no error message), it cancels the event but doesn't teleport {player.1} . please help #The duel command command /bridgeduel <player>: trigger: # putting players into...
  11. B

    Teleport player to another player's coordinates

    I can't find a solution to this but I know I'm not the first person to run into this issue, so sorry if this has already been answered, but how do I teleport a player to another player's coordinates. Sounds confusing, but I'm not trying to teleport a player to another player, but rather their...
  12. RedDiamond

    Solved On Join Teleport

    Hei guys, so i wanna make a script so that when people first time join they get teleport to a specific coordinate in a world and I try this one its not working, anyone can help me with it? on first join: teleport player to location(40 23 171 world "flat") and I wanna make a script that when...
  13. J

    Function to Mob Spawn depending on Room teleport

    So I wanna make it so custom mobs spawn in set locations depending on the room the players enter. For example if player Steve gets teleported to room 1, mobs spawn at locations A & B of the room 1. then Steve moves to room 2, mobs spawn at locations A & B of room 2. The thing is room teleport...
  14. J

    Solved Teleport player to random saved location

    #--- TELEPORT LOCATIONS ---# options: dungeon1: 0, 45, 0 dungeon2: 0, 100, 0 dungeon3: 0, 90, 0 dungeon4: 0, 30, 0 dungeon5: 0, 200, 0 on load: add "{@dungeon1}" to {dungeonlist::*} add "{@dungeon2}" to {dungeonlist::*} add "{@dungeon3}" to {dungeonlist::*}...
  15. M

    Shears Teleport

    Suggested name: Shears Teleport Spigot/Skript Version: 1.7.10 / 2.1.2 What I want: I want that when a player hits you, the location where you hit is saved and for 10 seconds if you right-click a scissors or any other item, transport you to the location where he hit you (not the player) Ideas...
  16. N

    Solved Why does it crash my server after someone moves when he was afk?

    Well for some reason my code just makes the server crash when someone comes back from being afk. I have no idea why. Here is my code: command /setlimbo: permission: admin trigger: set {limbo} to location of player send "&eYou set the Limbo spawn to your current...
  17. F

    Warp Menu

    Hello! I have problem, On my server i have 5 warps, but when i open the menu it teleports me to the warp that was last added. Please help! command /setwarp [<text>]: permission: warp.admin permission message: {@errorperm} trigger: if {@warp} is equal to 2: stop...
  18. IMO0226

    Store NBT without coordinates

    Skript Version: Skript 2.3.6 Skellet Version: Skellet 1.9.6b Minecraft Version: 1.13.2 I want to create a system what helps the players move entities with just clicking with an item. The system removes the entity, stores the NBT of that entity without any problems, summons the new entity with...
  19. C

    Solved Teleport player in world?

    Hello. Whenever I try teleporting a player in a specific wold and location, it dosen't work... Also.. I forgot how to set the spawn point of the player to its location? This is the error: [20:59:11 ERROR]: '-67, 67, 58' is not an entity type (simple, line 285: teleport player to -67...
  20. T

    Help with making a randomtp thing

    Hey people im back i am making a skript that lets you do /randomtp and it will teleport you to a random player but i want it that it can not teleport you to yourself second of all i want it to be like if you are the only player online it will tell you that there is nobody to teleport to. so...