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  1. C

    Solved Simple Gui not working

    command /menu: trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "Menu" to player format slot 3 of player with book "format slot 3 of player with book" doesn't work. I have the plugins SkQuery and skRayFall
  2. G

    trading thing like from hypixel skyblock

    hello so i just started skripting and I am really bad at it. I was wondering if anyone here could make a trade menu like from hypixel skyblock. so when u shift-rightclick somebody, or do /trade, it sends that person a message, like "Grandfish has sent you a trade request! do /tradeaccept to...
  3. N

    Variable do not "communicate"

    My script do not communicate as it should. It is suppose to add x to {_antal} when the green wool is clicked but the diamond in the middle don't change command /coinflip: trigger: set {_antal} to 1 open chest with 1 row named "&4&lCoinFlip" to player wait 1 tick set slot 0 of...
  4. D

    Click on a item to open something

    The error is: "when right click on nether_star" when right click on nether_star: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "&e&lMENU" to player format gui slot 4 of player with skull of player named "&e%player%" format gui slot 10 of player with diamond...
  5. Arownic

    Solved Are Chest Menus Broken?

    Server Version: git-Paper-129 1.16.1 Skirpt Version 2.5-alpha6-MH Server Host: Minehut Yesterday, I was starting to work on a teleport menu for the nether, I stopped working on it for the night because it was getting late. I reloaded the skirpt (skript below). And then I got this error...
  6. WrexBG

    Vanilla GUI Border+ Functions

    These are functions you may find useful when working with GUI's. It's just an easy way to add border, border with preset pattern, and fill or clear the inventory. Some things to know beforehand: - These are functions - Required addons: none - Tested on Minecraft 1.15.2 and Skript 2.4.1 - There...
  7. F

    Multi GUI not workig

    Hello everyone, i hope you are all safe. I'm having a problem with Skript. I'm trying to make a kind of shop GUI system to buy enchanted books. I'm trying to open another GUI if you click an item on the first GUI. But it just closes the first gui and doesn't do anything. Code ...
  8. M

    wheat item named "[Wheat]" is not a types.recipe

    if {rank.%uuid of arg-1%} == 0: format slot 10 of arg-1 with wheat named "&8[&eWheat&8]" with lore "&fUnlocked: &cNo", "&f• Makes you able to talk in color!", "&f• use /colorchat", "&2Cost: %{ranks.price.wheat}%" to do nothing else if {rank.%uuid of arg-1%} >= 1...
  9. F

    Warp Menu

    Hello! I have problem, On my server i have 5 warps, but when i open the menu it teleports me to the warp that was last added. Please help! command /setwarp [<text>]: permission: warp.admin permission message: {@errorperm} trigger: if {@warp} is equal to 2: stop...
  10. S

    Closing a Menu and running a command

    So I have recently started coding skript, and i just made a gui where I can choose kits, and I wanted to make many different pages for it, so I coded this. on right click: if held item is iron sword named "&eKit Selector &7(Right Click)": open chest with 3 rows named "&eKit...
  11. D

    Solved Add durability to tools in menus

    Minecraft Version:1.8 --- Full Code: command /mmenu: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "Main menu" to player # Assault class # format slot 0 of player with paper named "Assault" to close if {bc.rifle.%player%} is 0: format slot 9 of...
  12. SparrowPlayzSkript

    Player Locations GUI

    Category: Skript Suggested name: Player Locations GUI What I want: Ok so I need this for my Server, so a player types /cploc and it opens a menu with 6 rows, and when you type /cploc create it will put their head in the menu with the name of their "Warp", the description, and the coords. Also...