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  1. Z

    Problem with Ore Skript

    So, I'm working on a skript where ores only spawn in caves aka if they're in a 2 block radius of an air block. I seem to hit a bump in my process. When I load it in, it says there are no errors, but for some reason, most ores still get replaced, even if they are within the air radius. Code: on...
  2. W

    Upgrading System

    Hello i am WiebeHero and i have been recoding my upgrading system for a while but im running into 1 problem: on inventory click: if cursor slot of player is stone hoe: if name of cursor slot of player is "&7Stone Club [Lv 1]": if lore of cursor slot of player is...
  3. W

    Upgrading System problem Again yes XD

    SO now a problem i have that it does this on inventory click: if name of item is "&7Stone Club [Lv 1]": if the 6th line of lore of item contains "&7Upgrade Progress: 0 / 2": if player has 2 stone hoe: remove 2 stone hoe from player's inventory...
  4. W

    Solved Upgrading System problem

    Hello everyone i am WiebeHero and i made an upgrading system for well my server that im creating but i got a few questions for you guys here is the code that i have now: on inventory click: if name of item is "&7Stone Club [Lv 1]": if the 6th line of lore of item contains "&7Upgrade...
  5. Wardle

    Solved Problem with offline players

    I have made a little skript to give out information on players, But when they are offline, The server struggles (and fails) at pulling data while the players are offline. This is what it looks like when the person is online. This is what it looks like when they're offline. Is there a way to...
  6. Tailzinator

    Help Plz :/ - SkqMaths Download Link?

    I am working on my private server and i wanna be able to make player stats and such calculated with Variables... SkqMaths is the perfect Skquery addon i could use for that... But i can not find the download link ;'( Somebody able to help? Was the Skqaddon renamed, location moved? Or is it...
  7. Tailzinator

    Help Please! :/ - Download Link SkqMaths??

    I really need the skqmaths Plugin i wanna release my server in a few days and i wanna be able to start working on Player Stats. Skqmaths is the perfect addon for me to use for my Player Stats Plugin... But i can not seem to find it anywhere! Is it renamed? Was the file location moved? Can i get...
  8. Lukhausen

    Solved Seraching Skript Version for 1.10 or 1.11

    Hello, I have been skripting for 2 years now and wanted to update to the Minecraft version 1.10 or 1.11 but script doesn’t work now anymore. I tried different spigot or bukket versions. I also downloaded thousands of versions of skript, supposed to work on the version 1.10 / 1.11. I'm running...