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  1. Oliv583c

    Mundosk Tablist

    Hi. I just recently started to learn how to make a special kind of tablist: Using Mundosk. But. I wanted to color some of the "player heads" like this: I have tried a variety of ways. My method was to change my skin into a solid color. Then save my own skin in a file or variable. Then...
  2. FlameikTV

    Solved Force players to use server's Texture Pack

    Hi, I'm looking for some solution for forcing player's to use server's texture pack. I have tried to Google something, but it was little outdated or it wasn't been working. I have tried this code, but it didn't work. on join: wait 1 second send resource pack from...
  3. KrazyManJ

    Remove skript:<command> from 1.16 tab completion

    Hello, today i found this thing, and i want get rid of this: I know, if player doesn't have permission for that, it won't appear, but with permission for command it will. I tried to do it with SkBee: on tab complete: if event-string contains "skript": cancel event but effect...
  4. TPGamesNL

    Possible bug when using play_server_chat packet with message effect

    Skript Version: 2.2-dev36 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: Spigot 1.12.2 --- Full Code: on packet event play_server_chat: set {_t} to "chatcomponent" pjson 0 of event-packet send "&ct: %{_t}%" to console command /test: trigger: message "test" Errors on Reload: None...
  5. W

    Solved MundoSK No player in tab complete event

    A snippet from the start of the event: on tab complete: set {_args::*} to split "%event-string%" at " " set {_pl} to "%event-player%" This results in an error message saying: "There's no player/console in an on tab complete event event" followed by a reference to the "set {_pl} to...
  6. Tlatoani

    MundoSK WebSockets

    This is a tutorial to explain how to use the WebSocket features added in MundoSK 1.8. All names of syntaxes that are capitalized and in italics like New WebSocket are the names of the syntaxes as used in the documentation, so you can know where to find them in MundoSK’s documentation. What are...
  7. Adrihun

    Solved MundoSK errors when stopping server

    When i type in "stop" in console, every plugin shuts down. Whenever MundoSK is turning off, it gives me an error message. It is saying "file not found" in my language. Please help me fix this error. [16:39:49 INFO]: [MundoSK] Exception at Mundo [16:39:49 WARN]: A rendszer...
  8. J

    MundoSK Join Error (HELP)

    MundoSK: 1.7.4 Skript: 2.1 Server: Paperspigot 1.9.4 ProtocolLib: 4.1.0 I need help :( Thank you for your interest.
  9. Snow-Pyon

    Script Nick/Skin changer 1.7

    Description Hey there, today, I did a chat/tablist/above head nick and skin changer script, hope you'll like it. Features Skin changing Configureable Nametag changing Configureable chat display name changing Configureable tablist name changing Skin/Nick changing on join Per-color permission on...
  10. Tlatoani

    MundoSK Packets

    This is a tutorial that will teach you how to use packets. What are packets? Packets are what Minecraft uses to send information between a server and client. Each packet has a packettype. Packettypes describe what kind of information a packet holds and for what purpose that information should...
  11. FUZIK

    Solved packets help)

    how do I make the function title(), subTitle() based on MundoSk? minecraft: 1.11.2
  12. Spartan9802

    Solved Use the socket of MundoSk

    Good evening, I do not understand how sockets works, I would like to use them for a system of voting of a page php to my server, is it possible? Is there an event to indicate when an information is sent / received ? Thank you !
  13. Tlatoani

    Addon MundoSK 1.8.5

    Announcement: MundoSK will be splitting up into a few smaller addons in the future. If you are looking to use MundoSK right now, this shouldn't affect your usage, just that sometime in the future you will need to replace MundoSK with a new addon(s). This won't change how any of your scripts are...
  14. Snow-Pyon

    Script Tab 1.4

    Description This is a script for modify the tablist with configurable header, footer and the name of a player in the tablist. Features Animated header. Animated footer. Yaml configuration. Custom tablist name. Default tab format. Per-world tablist and tablist custom name. Animated tablist...