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Script Tab 1.4

A simple script with animated header, footer and custom tablist name.

  1. Snow-Pyon
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    This is a script for modify the tablist with configurable header, footer and the name of a player in the tablist.


    • Animated header.
    • Animated footer.
    • Yaml configuration.
    • Custom tablist name.
    • Default tab format.
    • Per-world tablist and tablist custom name.
    • Animated tablist custom names.
    • And more!



    Information and usage

    Commands and permissions

    • /tab set [player] [name]
      • Permission: tab.cmd.set
      • Description: Set the name of a player in the tablist.
    • /tab remove [player] [name]
      • Permission: tab.cmd.remove
      • Description: Remove the name of a player in the tablist (Doesn't remove the player from the tablist).
    • /tab help
      • Permission: tab.use
      • Description: Show a list of the available commands.
    • [online]
      • Description: Show the number of players online
    • [name]
      • Description: Show the name of the player or the custom name of the player
    • [displayname]
      • Description: Show the display name of a player
    • [prefix]
      • Description: Show the prefix of the player
    • [suffix]
      • Description: Show the suffix of the player
    • [nl]
      • Description: Create a new line in the tablist (Only in the header and footer. You can use \n too
    • [world]
      • Description: Show the world of the player
    • [worldonline]
      • Description: Show the amount of players in the current player's world
    If you have any suggestions or you found a bug, feel free to contact me with a private message or say the problem on the discussion section.

    To-Do list

    = Finished ✗ = Not yet

    ✗ Fake players in the tablist.
    ✗ PlaceHolderAPI support.
    ✗ More placeholders.
    ✓ Animated custom names.
    ✗ Bungee support.
    ✓ Per-world tablist.
    ✓ Per-world custom name.
    And your suggestions!

    Other links

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