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Addon Skellett - The beast addon! 2.0.1

All your Skript needs in one addon!


    You can now share variables between servers on your bungeecord server.

    Basically this allows you set a variable on the bungeecord and then on another server call that variable.

    Code (Skript):
    1. [the] [skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]] (global|network) [var[iable]] [(from|of)] %object%
    This can only be set and grabbed at the moment.


    Code (Skript):
    1. set network variable {test} to "&6Hello world!"
    2. set {_this} to network variable {test}
    Simple and sweet.

    There is also a...
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  2. SkellettProxy Bungeecord side scripts!

    Today I present to you Bungeecord side scripts!

    You can place any of your scripts in the SkellettProxy/scripts folder on the bungeecord and SkellettProxy will load all these scripts in this folder across all of your bungeecord servers!

    No more hastle of going into each server and updating each script manually. You can now edit everything from the SkellettProxy scripts folder! How cool is that!?

    New settings: You can enable/disable GlobalScripts in the SkellettProxy...
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  3. SkellettProxy connection hot fix

    I have been getting litterally 20+ messages a day saying that Skellett and SkellettProxy aren't working. Sorry about that lol. I just didn't have any time to work on a fix. Now I have some time and here is a fix and tested.

    - Citizens Attack (Requested by @pepper82)
    - Server tick

    Fixed a few other things.

    Code (Skript):
    1. Expressions:
    3.     #Info: This gets the server tick not tps. Tick is basically the interval of Minecraft.
    4.     #It's like the System...
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  4. Fixed alot of bugs and added a bunch of stuff

    - Hanging event + every spigot event value. The hanging event deals with Item frames, fence leashes or painting.
    - Condition to test if a player can see a player with the protocol hidden syntax.
    - Statistics support (Requested by @Blueyescat)
    - Blocks outlining chunk

    - Changed from MCstats to bStats for metrics https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/Skellett

    - A critical bug where the...
  5. MySQL fix, Item frames, client chests and more

    - Client chest open and close animation
    - A bunch of beta syntax that are disabled because they broke? .-.
    - Load chunk
    - Unload chunk
    - Itemframe rotation and item within (Suggestion from @Rixic)
    - PlaceholderAPI attempt? PlaceholderAPI always returns the input. Atleast for my 1.11.2 version. I need to contact Clip which I have, waiting for reply.
    - Added all Skellett events to the docs
    - Added option to fix muliple queries issues.

    - Fixed...
  6. Quick edit

    Added event-player event value to Packets

    Code (Text):
    1. on packet:
    2.     if event-string is "PacketPlayInSettings":
    3.         broadcast "%event-player%"
    4.         set {_this} to packet field "a"
    5.         broadcast "Language: %{_this}%"
    6.         set {_this} to packet field "b"
    7.         broadcast "View distance: %{_this}%"
    8.         set {_this} to packet field "c"
    9.         broadcast "Chat setting: %{_this}%"
    10.         set {_this} to packet field "f"
    11.         broadcast "Lefty or Righty: %{_this}%"
  7. Packets!

    - Full packet support with every packet the client recieves and sends

    - Some bug fixes

    Basically packets are like a channel between the minecraft client and the minecraft server. These packets are what allow minecraft to function and communicate. With Skellett you can now intercept and manipulate these packets. Along with cancelling them. Skellett packets require no external dependency and include every single packet the client sends and recieves....
  8. Bug fixes and block durability

    - Block durability
    - Readded the string option for bungeecord UUID

    - Some null pointers
    - Bug fixes

    Code (Skript):
    1. #Changers: set, add and remove (Number)
    2. #Info: This was a test to see how minecraft handles block hardness/durability.
    3. #This expression applys to all blocks of it's type. Not just one.
    4. #When setting this, say you set the value to like 5.5 or something.
    5. #The block won't break until the durability of the block has reached 5.5. This will...
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  9. Scoreboard fixes

    Fixed a scoreboard issue where if you updated the slot and text at the same time, the text would get cut off.

    Also made the scoreboards about 25% faster
  10. Bug fixes and inventory stuff

    - Crashing bug with image class


    - Inventory rows size
    - Make inventory size settable (Needs to be multiple of 9)
    - Made open inventory effect not flash or move cursor of player

    Code (Skript):
    1.    #Changers: set (Number)
    2.    #This is the size of rows
    3.    [skellett] (gui|menu|inventory|chest|window) row[s] (of|from) %inventory%
    4.    %inventory%'s (gui|menu|inventory|chest|window) row[s]
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