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Addon Skellett - The beast addon! 2.0.9

All your Skript needs in one addon!

  1. 2.0.9

    - Removed text components, they're in vanilla Skript now.
    - Fixed Skellett not starting on 1.10 and lower due to the BlockSave syntaxes
    - Fixed Bossbars not working on 1.9
    - Fixed Skellett not working on Java 8
    - Updated to Spigot 1.19.3
    - Added new syntax to boost a player using a firework when they're in elytra mode
    Code (Text):
    1. # Effect
    2. (boost|launch) %players% using [firework [rocket]] %itemstack%
  2. 2.0.8

    Updated libraries
  3. Bossbar fixes

    Fixes an issue with bossbars
  4. Conflicts

    - Fixed conflicts with SkBee and the new bossbars that was added. (Defaults to SkBee's types, so if bossbars are broken, it's Skbee).
    - Fixed a load chunk error in the load effect.
    - Added more localization files.
    - Fixed block data issues in versions lower than 1.9
    - Lots of code cleaning and optimizations.
  5. Fishing for some bug fixes

    - Added fishing back

    Code (Text):
    1. #Get the fishing hook entity
    2. [the] [event-]fish[ing]( |-)hook
    4. # The fish entity if state was caught
    5. hook[ed] entity
    7. # event value
    8. [the] [event-]fish[ing]( |-)state

    - Fixed bossbar flags not working properly
    - Fixed fishing state not being comparable.
    - Fixed up the player bossbar syntax
    - Fixed up the scoreboard team classinfo.

    Included is an over engineered grappling hook example which will also require Khoryl and SkQuery on the GitHub by clicking the...
  6. SkBee conflict fixes

    - Fixes a bug that disables SkBee or Skellett from running.
  7. Bug fixes

    - Fixed a bug where the boss bar flag and a citizens condition could not find the correct classinfo for it's syntaxes. (Yes I know right, how was that even a thing)
    - Fixed the NpcIsSpawned condition not working.
    - Started to add .lang types, You can compile Skellett (or any of my addons) and add a Skript supported language in the /lang file.
    - Added (npc|citizen)s? as the regex for the classinfo, so you can parse as an npc or citizen depending on if you have another citizens addon...
  8. Skript 2.6.1

    - Removed Armour stand syntaxes, they're moved to Khoryl
    - Removed the download effect as it was insecure and not practical.
    - Removed the message center syntax as the client can have set their settings to be any chat length making this syntax not work.
    - Recoded Chunk outline, Entity ID and more.
    - Removed un-used BlockConstructor code.

    - Added new syntax
    Code (Text):
    1. (0¦ticks|1¦milli[( |-)]seconds|2¦seconds|3¦minutes|4¦hours|5¦days|6¦weeks|7¦months|8¦years) (of|from|[with]in) %timespans%
  9. 1.18 support

    Added 1.18 support.

    Skellett will now be separated into two versions. Java 17 and Java 11. The Java 17 versions is for 1.18+ mc and the Java 11 is for other versions. Both included in a ZIP.

    Skellett now runs autonomously on the github, so when a version or library Skellett uses gets updated. The GitHub will automatically get updated and publish a nightly build. You can grab a 1.18.2+ version of Skellett if Mojang decides to do that at the source code here...
  10. Block saves, a nice way to save and load areas now!

    - Added block saves more below.
    Code (Text):
    1. block save[s] of %blocks
    3. %blocks%'[s] block save
    - Added automatic github actions, so you can now grab nightly builds at https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skellett/actions
    - Fixed collidable condition not being proper grammar.
    - Removed item frame syntaxes, they're going to be going into Khoryl.
    - Removed spawner synatxes, they're going to be going into Khoryl.
    - Removed Jukebox syntaxes, they're going to be going into Khoryl.
    - Removed...