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Addon SkBee 2.1.0

A simple solution to make your server more bold!

  1. The New Horizons Update [1.17.0]

    In a future release of SkBee, NBT related syntax that uses strings will be removed, and SkBee will focus on the use of NBT compounds.
    This is mainly due to the mess of code I have had to write for string related NBT, and I want to work on cleaning this all up.
    Example of what will be removed:
    Code (Text):
    1. set nbt-block at player to furnace with nbt "{someNBT:1}"
    2. give player a diamond sword with nbt "{myCustomNBT:1}"
    3. add "{SomeNBT:1}" to nbt of player
    Don't worry though, cause these simply can be replaced with the nbt compound from string expression:
    Code (Text):
    1. set {_n} to nbt compound from "{someNBT:1}"
    2. set nbt-block at player to furnace with nbt {_n}
    4. set {_nbt} to nbt compound from "{myCustomNBT:1}"
    5. give player a diamond sword with nbt {_nbt}
    7. add nbt compound of "{SomeNBT:1}" to nbt compound of player
    8. # OR
    9. set {_n} to nbt compound from  "{SomeNBT:1}"
    10. add {_n} to nbt compound of player
    This change will most likely happen in SkBee 1.18.0. I just wanted to give everyone plenty of time to switch over to using NBT compounds.

    Release News:
    - Statistics
    - Villager elements (level, experience, profession, type)
    - Merchant elements (merchants, merchant recipes, trade select event)
    - Update particle effect to include force
    - New /skbee info command (used for debugging purposes)
    - New update checker (will print in console if an update is available)
    - Expression for getting ticks/seconds/minutes/hours from a timespan
    - Potion change event
    - Show demo screen effect
    - Effect to load/unload a chunk (with optional ticket)
    - Breed event, event values, expression for breed event entities (parents, baby, breeder)
    - Advancement objects, event, expressions
    - WorldBorder elements (including virtual world borders for players)
    - Expression to get/set spell of a spell caster
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