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  1. Palgia

    Script SkNBTPreserver 1.6.1

    A very simple Skript that addresses a single issue: not being able to retrieve the same blocks that were placed! Now placing a block or a head saves the original item for the drop when it is broken by a player or an explosion! This Skript will be improved in the future to add more control and...
  2. lllllStanlllll


  3. S

    Sorted. Please delete

    Sorted. Please delete
  4. S

    Detect if user is holding an item with a specific NBT tag

    Hey, Just wondering if there's a way to detect if the user is holding an item with a specific NBT tag in it?
  5. A

    How to detect when a player places a custom head.

    Topic (1) How could I detect when a player places a custom head? Topic (2) How could I place a custom head? Question (1) Could I just do on place: if event-block is a player head with nbt "%nbt%"? Please answer! Thanks in advance, AgentStrawberry
  6. N

    Solved (Help) Unique NBT's between two items that share the same name and NBT

    Skript Version: 2.5.3 Skript Author: YourSpeedDealer Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 Full Code: command /m4a1: trigger: set {_M4A1} to 1 leather horse armor named "&bM4A1" add "{maxDurabilityM4:31}" to nbt of {_M4A1} set {ammo} to tag "maxDurabilityM4" of nbt of {_M4A1}...
  7. KingDooms

    Solved Removing NBTs from Items

    So, im trying to remove NBTs from items, i tried looking for help and someone said to put "remove {NBT} from player's held item" but that didn't work... Any help? Oh and by the way I have SkBee on me. remove...
  8. O

    Help with shulker boxes

    I was checking if there was a way to check the items inside a shulker box inside a player's inventory maybe using like NBT or something along those lines. If you don't know, then that's fine, thanks anyways.
  9. C

    Remove NBT from Entity

    Hi, how can i remove, with the SkBee Addon, NBT from Entity? "remove "{map:28}" from nbt of event-entity" is not working
  10. Z

    Solved NBT item pick up message

    I'm trying to create broadcast message of item that is NBT. I installed plugin that gives me extra items, and I want to make broadcast of it when I pick it up. Can anybody help me? :) Here is my code: on pick up: item is a crossbow named "Cannon" broadcast "&6&l%player% &fFound cannon!"
  11. B

    NBT Help

    Hello, I am having an issue and was wondering if someone could help set {_drop} to feather of luck of the sea 1 with hidden enchantments named "&b&lBLITZ" with lore "&9An Item From The Gods&7.", and "&7Fight Away The Spirits&7." add custom nbt "{voucher: "BLITZ"}" to {_drop}...
  12. S

    Help with making a "minigun"

    So my code is as follows on right click with bow: execute console command "execute as @p at @p run summon arrow ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[1.0,0.0,0.0]}": I'm trying to make it fire in a direction, but when i try to run it, it shows as an error but there is no error without the motion nbt tag.
  13. Squarebuilder

    Solved Custom Head in a GUI

    Hi there, I've been trying to get custom heads (e.g. https://minecraft-heads.com/custom-heads/miscellaneous/4318-twitter) into a GUI for a few weeks now. I tried this code among others: command /gui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with 1 row named "&6GUI" to the sender...
  14. A

    Player dat nbt editing, is it possible?

    Long long ago, I used a plug in conjunction with skript to edit 4 components of player nbt: movement speed, base ranged attack, base melee attack, fall damage. Or maybe one of those was base defense. Anyway, these were values stored in the player nbt data. Searching I see a LOT of stuff about...
  15. S

    Solved Equipping a zombie with a custom head

    Hello there. I believe the title sums it up, so... Basically, I have to equip a zombie with a head with a custom ID, not a head which can be retrieved from a Minecraft account. The zombie has to wear it on his head. Although, I don't know how to do it and what skript addons I need. Thanks in...
  16. H

    Adding A nbt to a variable that contains an item

    I do not know what to do, i've been searching in the fourms for about 15 minutes and i can't find any other helpfull fourm about this, i get this error
  17. D

    Solved On Block Place

    Hey guys! I'm a relatively new skripter, and I'm not sure on how to "discriminate" which blocks get placed. (I'm trying to make a generator plugin, and I've gotten everything else worked out) I've tried adding an NBT tag and even trying to change MetaData; (to no avail) Heres the code I've been...
  18. D

    Giving item with NBT

    How do i give items with nbt, I have tried this: give player head with nbt...
  19. A

    Solved How do I get location of targeted block without XYZ

    This will be used to summon a mob using a console command, but for that i need the location without "X:, Y:, Z:" command /value [<text>]: trigger: message "%location of targeted block%" set {_target} to location of targeted block message "%{_target} parsed as...
  20. L

    Book's NBT

    is book's nbt avalible be like add {pages:['{"text":"haha"}']} to nbt of player's tool and add 1 more {pages:['{"text":"heyheyhey"}']} to nbt of player's tool than book show me "hahaheyheyhey"??? now i add nbt to nbt of player's tool he just show me "heyheyhey",they replaced "haha" anyway can...