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  1. Very Cool Bee

    Removing recipes with SkBee

    Hello, it's a me - Very Cool Bee. I'm using the SkBee Skript addon and everything's working fine except one thing - removing custom recipes doesn't work. I wanted to delete all of my custom recipes with this code: "remove all custom recipes". And it didn't work. I don't know how to remove all of...
  2. ShaneBee

    Addon SkBee 3.4.3

    SkBee is a Skript addon which brings a whole bunch of new elements to your Skript experience. This add-on adds many more syntaxes, to help make your server the best it can be. Elements: This is only a small list of the many things included: - NBT elements such as get/set NBT of items, blocks...
  3. FistoF

    Minecraft+ [ 1.16 ]

    Minecraft+ is a new Minecraft 1.16 survival server that has lots of new mechanics to enhance the gameplay. Discord: Golden helmet shines bright in the dark (night vision) Golden chestplace attracts items from further away (item magnetization) Golden leggings allows...
  4. B

    Script ⚝ ConstomRecipes ⚝ » // Easy Configuration // Shapeless // shaped 1.0

    我是一个中国人 不要吐槽我的英语有多烂 Create a new recipe in your server. Support Spigot 1.7 ~ 1.11 Easy to configuration and no lag FEATURES Easy - Skript Code isn't Java Fast - GUI operation does not edit config files No Command - Shift-Right Click on Crafting table to open the GUI Item - Support Name...